Saturday, November 28, 2009

A proposal to correct some problems in food and pharmaceuticals, global warming and peak oil.

Some time ago I came to the conclusion, that no one should be 
dependent on animal breeding and sale or slaughter for more than 
50% of their income, whether individuals or corporations.
That way there is less motive for the kind of mass deconstruction 
and various breed impacting bad choices driven by economic 
interests. (The sort of thing that has caused food contamination 
in meat packing, and that has caused outrageous developments
in breed changes among dogs and some other animals.)
Now, having read an article about how big pharmaceuticals have 
no interest in you being well or keeping well, since they only gain 
when we are sick,  I would add the pharmaceutical industry to 
that category, of something that should diversify and not depend 
on one thing or one  category of thing, excepting that production 
of non prescription health promoting products and mass growing 
of herbal remedy plants might be the other 50%.

Of course, any effort to enforce this would be called fascist by
some, communist by others. The amount of taken for granted 
govt. involvement in directing things in centuries ago would amaze 
some doctrinaire preachers of modern laissez faire.

Meanwhile, whether global warming is caused by humans, or by
some natural cycle, or by crustal motion beginning, and volcanism
under ice packs, the fact is that SOMETHING is going on. It 
may be more local at times than global. But rule no. 1, you don't
turn the thermostat up on a hot day. And rule no. 2, greenhouse
gasses often are bad for us to breathe anyway, so lets get rid of

We may be doing the right things for the wrong reasons.

And peak oil vs. ongoing production of oil in the earth? 

Well, whatever slight evidence for ongoing production, the 
occasional refill of an abandoned field, is obviously going on
too slowly to meet oil use needs, so peak oil is STILL on 
the table and indefinite availability of oil is not. 

And any such refill could be leakage from a more distant
oil pocket.

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