Tuesday, November 10, 2009

heavenly serbia from myth to genocide book review

heavenly serbia from myth to genocide book review
Here is a book excerpted at an Orthodox website, that
speaks out against the Serbian perversion of Orthodoxy,
though fails to call it that. Though it is popular to buy
into the idea of Holy Serbia, it is possible to find
Orthodox sites, and posts here and there from Serbs,
that show what really was going on. There was a Serb
who remembered stuff against his fellow Serbs from
WWI times, there was another who fled his village life
and wrote a description of how nasty and brutal his
fellows were, and the doctors who documented the
rapes by Serbs included an ethnic Serb.

"A Serbian theologian defined Saint-Savaism as 
“…‘Orthodoxy ennobled by a healthy Serbian 
nationalism’” (Anzulovic 1999, 30)."

This shows how heretical and carnal the Serbian
Church has become that a theologian of theirs
could refer to Orthodoxy as being ennobled by 
anything other than itself! Of what need has Holy
Orthodoxy to be ennobled?! What blasphemy! And
how this goes unchallenged by these supposed 
Orthodox people. 

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