Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sept. 23, AD 2017 - a recurring event of no importance prophetically
explains that this same configuration happens over and over.

supposedly the juxtaposition of Virgo and Jupiter where her womb would be
points to the Rapture or Second Coming or something like that. this is more
hype to make money by selling books and DVDs.

it may be something worse.

people with a practicing witchcraft background used to working with energies
and spirits and who became Christian have commented that they recognize
some of the same stuff at the charismatic events. Rick Joyner is a secret
luciferian to judge by Mishel McCumber's discovery when working for him
and is promoting a notion of Joel's Army (not limited to him) of super
Christians exterminating the Christians who don't go along with them,
and that the Second Coming consists of the incarnation of the Christ spirit
or some such thing in the Christians themselves as a collective, or the
special real spiritual ones like him and his followers.
and search posts of previous years for details
on this sort of stuff.

it might be instructive to dig into the family and personal connections and
activities (raid the garbage for thrown out info) of the people pushing
(and especially who started) this Sept. 23 thing.

witches (I don't mean wicca fluff bunny types but the dead serious ones and
incl. practicing occultists ritual magicians etc. and people like Marina
Abramovitch) have sometimes used public events of a magical sort, that incl.
occultic themes and stir up people, to exploit the energy produced by the people
OCCULTIST because then there is no opposition to it (except on some gut
level by some who sense something wrong but can't quite figure it and don't
fully cooperate emotionally).

and the moon will be waxing on that date. a waning moon is used to promote
spells of decrease, cursing, etc. usually, and a waxing moon to enhance
spells of increase.

the building of excitement on the part of many people may be plugged into
for magick purposes.

If someone were to correlate such previous times of expectation being
whipped up and other things incl. increase in occult manifestations it might
show a pattern. or might not.


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