Monday, August 14, 2017

patterns of anonymice

anonymice are anonymous posters on Cumbey's blog (or anywhere for that matter).
with a couple of exceptions the most vicious attacks on me came from anonymice
though a couple of them sign a name at the end of the post, but it is not in the post
opening line with a link.

They and some others exhibit certain patterns. One of them is apparently
Dorothy Margraf, who can be excused because she is a convert to Judaism
(went looking for some kind of social experience, not theological truth she
admitted), and is obsessed with Nazism as the sole relevant feature of the New
Age movement (yes, its there, the kind of evolutionary mysticism that sooner
or later moves to racial groups and their role allegedly in the world, including
that some are holdovers of prior root races doomed to extinction, if the New
Ager writing is close enough to Blavatsky thinking). Margraf doesn't want
Christian theological and bible interpretation issues cluttering up the place.
Or EU politics that aren't obviously about resugent Nazism.

But aside from her, what are the motives for the others? here's how they go.

post something showing that a new ager like Icke can admit something is
seriously wrong with humans at a basic level, which is an admission of
original sin even if officially denied by the writer/speaker, and therefore
can be used in apologetics and evangelism, and you are condemned as
a new ager.

post something about chakras being real and energy work real, and THEREFORE
dangerous and that new age ideas and practices regarding chakras derange
them creating problems in the nervous system inclining you to a happy
psychotic delusionary experience called "enlightenment" where you have a
serious breakdown of boundaries between you and the rest of the world, either
in just your mind or worse yet your own soul boundaries become blurred
and you are easier to manipulate or permeate or invade paranormally,

and you are condemned as a witch and a new ager.

the latest thing, is that Craig, who although dishonest seems to be motivated
mostly by his own pride and ambition not by any covert occultist agenda,
is now targeted by RayB (signed but anonymous) and an anonymous because
he is calling out one Thomas Dahlheimer, a worse case scenario new ager,
on his posts, and showing the irrationality of his belief system while making
sure first he knows just what that belief system in Dahlheimer's case consists
of so there are no straw men (which is honest enough but also practical),

and he is attacked as engaging in encouraging (and reproducing when
quoting) the spew of garbage by Dahlheimer.

I mentioned something about new age spirituality being the ground for
the politics and an anonymous reacts that all know this already, well,
NO there are hundreds of lurkers on blogs that never post, and learn
something from all this.

Ignored likewise is the importance of the argument with Dahlheimer,
that some new age inclined or gnostic inclined (similar) people reading
this have their belief system challenged and undermined, and Christians
get tools to use in arguments with such.

the anonymous and/or RayB (one of those who lied and said I'd posted
then deleted an ad for psychic services) then arrogantly tells Craig
to quit it and move this to another venue, but this person has no
authority to tell Craig this, and Constance who DOES have the authority
to do so has, on the contrary, endorsed the discussion as very important.

So what gives?

I suspect one of the players at least is a witch of some sort who doesn't
want his or her game ruined by ideas that undermine the world view
and the style of operating.

whether it is the same person or another, one of the anonymice routinely
defends my biological so called mother the witch bitch monster (who had
the gall to call my grandmother a witch bitch) despite repeated statements
she engaged in paranormal invasion of me. paul does the same but less
so unless he is an anonymous when he wants to run hog wild and give up
all pretense to class.

sounds like these people or person are child abusers of the paranormal and
mind control sorts of enslavers.

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