Saturday, July 1, 2017

Meager Brzezinski's ready for her closeup, petulant POTUS has a Twitter melt-down and CNN implodes


  1. Paul (at is livid at your having trolled his LinkedIn information. He is rightly concerned as to why you'd do such a thing and whether you found anything which you could use to attack him with.

    Craig there has put you in your place yet again and others are livid with you too.

  2. boy you people must feel guilty to be overreacting like this. Craig never put me in my place I put him in his place and he is too stupid to know it. as for "pledging" to ignore him that was not a "pledge" like I am giving you peace, but a determination that that piece of shit is beneath contempt and not worth any more of my time. seems you people are too stupid to figure that one out despite surrounding remarks.

    as for paul, he has attacked me viciously over the years, and I don't recall if he was one of those who posted my home address, defunct and current back a few years ago or not and someone went to the old address when no one was home because they described the dog but the people there hadn't had a visitor.

    legal issues you suggest at Cumbey's blog? idiot, you got big potential lawsuit on your asses for libel and criminal legal action for cyber bullying. the only thing stopping me is that the worst of you are untraceable being anonymous, and it would mean dragging myself to court and in some cases out of state filing to do this.

    as for paul I located a photo of him, and he is every bit as nasty looking as he acts.

    Craig lies, pretends I misrepresented something he said on his blog when I had described it adequately enough he knew it wasn't what he was presenting so I quoted in detail what he'd said.

    by the way you ignorant freak, a web address to show where to check on what he said is NOT "personal information."

    paul can be as livid as he pleases. he wants to post information about himself on a public forum, he has no expectation of privacy or anything else. "you must be a special kind of stupid" a similar statement on facebook goes.

    I saw nothing but boring there. if he thinks there is anything attackable then perhaps he should be sure he is sober before he posts and can remember instead of worrying.

    which makes me wonder....what is he guilty of what dirt is he into that he fears he might have referenced and forgot?

  3. about the remark of sober, I don't know if paul's a drunk or doper or not, no info no rumors no idea. but if he is doing any of that he'd be well advised to make sure he is sober before posting or he might not remember what he said and have occasion to worry.

    or maybe he just needs to be sure he is awake, full of coffee (I guess being full of shit doesn't matter) and rested before he posts or he might get worried later like he is worried now.

  4. well, I see someone has reposted my remarks (but not your own) to cumbey's blog to show "what kind of spirit" I am.

    let's look at what kind of spirit YOU are, the lot of you.

    it started when I tried to show a gambit that could be used on new agers to support the doctrine of original sin the fallen nature of man, using something of theirs. when I discussed the problem of working on chakras as a real danger because they are real, and the new age methods warp them and facilitate evil spirit access, and showed something in the Bible supporting their existence, these creeps went ballistic.

    frankly I think some of them are WITCHES not fluff bunny wiccans but the real dark and dirty deal, who are scared shitless that someone will listen to me, and put what I say to work. Even if you can't convert a new ager immediately, or at all, you might persuade them to stop energy work. this would undercut what the demons have to work with somewhat.

    so for years and years even though I might say NOTHING about all this, the minute I posted on something relevant to the blog's interests page after page of vile and vicious attacks on me would be posted. I would get dragged into arguments.

    when the subject of my biological so called mother's psychological and somewhat physical abuse of me got aired, and the paranormal angle on her mental attacks and psychic vampirism, again I was put under vicious attack.

    any time I brought up an experience of use or other information of use in fighting new age occultism I was put under vicious attack.

    at one point, serious slanders were made because of an unlicensed marriage I have using terms and equations with multi partners and prostitution, yet when some advocated dumping government involvement in marriage and doing without government licensing, no one screamed they were advocating fornication and general immorality.

    some at least one is apparently into the kind of charismatic stuff that involves that passivity to allow what amounts to possession by "the holy spirit" and another screams when I do normal exegesis and hermeneutics that I don't know the Bible and lack the Holy Spirit because I can read English and take what The Bible says literally enough, and that in any teaching from it or explaining and applying it I am usurping The Holy Spirit's role so apparently the writer thinks no one needs anyone in reading the Bible no one can show things they missed, no comparing of notes, this is of course the opposite of what Paul the Apostle taught.

    years and years of this crap. Finally because my appearance online sparked wild cluttering up of her blog with these crazy spews of vomit Constance had to limit me to one post a week. the posting box allows no more than 4000 plus characters incl. spaces and punctuation. that's characters not whole words.

    Craig started by denying that The Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world, rather, that the book of the Lamb who was slain was itself from the foundation of the world. now he pretends he says otherwise. his words are on three or four threads on cumbey's blog and here reposted for all to see.

    they are mean spirited, vile, hate filled and love to attack. Craig says I argue to argue but admitted his only reason for arguing with Dahlheimer the gnostic is because he figures the latter is a troll. Craig's not fighting for truth but fighting for the fun of it.

    most of these people are guilty of what they accuse me of in terms of motive.

  5. Christine, you claim, "as for paul I located a photo of him, and he is every bit as nasty looking as he acts", yet you've provided no link. I can't imagine 'paul' looking anything but patient and gentle, which I'm convinced is how he comes across to most of us. Why have you got it in for him so much? Is it because out of genuine care for Constance's work he tried to stop you jamming her blog? Or because he suggested you should forgive your mother, not speak ill of the dead let alone your own dear old ma, and remimded you of God's Commandment to honor your parents? I even recall him apologizing to you once because he had not been as patient as he is usually renowned for with you; even after you'd implied he'd had homosexual relations with a roommate.

    I really can't understand why you've got it in for him, Craig and Physicist so much (to name but a few).

    I'm sure any photo you claim to have seen of him would reveal a God-fearing and upright man whose face has the air of patience, love and honesty and whose eyes are full of the light of love. Paul (paul) comes across as an upright family man with a deep love for God and his fellow human being. If you'd have seen, as you claim, any photo of paul which shows otherwise, you'd have produced a link to such but you can't because all would see what a gentle character our paul is and you'd be exposed for the charlatan you clearly are. You should retract your statement and apologize forthwith to him!

  6. the only jamming being done was the lot of you post after post after post flooding her blog every one of you on and on and of course I would answer and get a new flood. if you kept your damn mouths shut no "jamming" would have gone on. it was YOUR INCESSANT ATTACKS THAT WERE TYING UP THE SPACE.

    as for the photo, here it is. I didn't bother because, well, I didn't bother. I found him through Constance's list of contacts on linkedin, and since a "paul trees" posted a snide remark to my youtube channel about it being peaceful without me there, and this guy is a tree worker, well, its gotta be him.

    anyone who can read the details I gave on my biological so called mother INVADING MY MIND and MAKING ME SAY AND DO THINGS I HAD NOT HAD IN MY MIND OR HEART and WAS PUZZLED WHY I WAS DOING THEM, the puzzled part passive and not in control and something else in control,

    anyone who can read that and answer that all parents manipulate their children, well, that ain't a nice guy.

    first off, he is either blind and stupid to not see that that was near possession and definitely psychic invasion by her, or he considers that that is okay.

    and the idea of manipulating your kids by more normal means, that sort of thing is psychological abuse generally.

    that reaction alone tells me he is only "gentle" with some people. his treatment of me is not an example.

    you people are a pack of baptized heathens as far as I can see and at least one is a dead serious darkside witch, maybe its you.

  7. why do I it in for paul? study his remarks to me for the past five years.

    Craig? he twists Scripture and likes and defends Brown, and lays the groundwork for a semi Arianism as does Brown without claiming it. Twists my words and when he begins to come around to my view on something pretends he always said that, but his words record shows he is lying on that. I don't like his soothing smooth gracious style cloaking God knows what.

    Physicist - actually I kinda like him, he's the only one to attempt to engage in a sensible discussion with me, but he refuses to see things beyond his comfort zone or even consider them. not nearly as dishonest as Craig. One time there was a news item about horrible weather in England and he claimed it never happened. maybe he spent the time indoors with his head up his mathematical ass.

    trouble is, theoretical physicists and mathematicians are out of touch with reality. the present world view in part depends on the big bang which may never have happened. of course he's sold out to billions and billions of years and evolution.

    at some points he just kept talking past me instead of dealing with the issues. finally he admitted that there is something left over when you do all calculations, and that it is ignored because not engineerable. however, when the calculations are done in quarternion according to those who did them, that is not a zero but a definite something. And to engineer it, well, the secret may be spin and peculiarities of some types of magnets but you risk blowing yourself up with some of the systems built.

    the whole theoretical physics world could change in a heartbeat if something new turns up that won't fit and can't be denied. Right now, there is a black hole having indigestion and belching stuff back out, an impossibility by normal concepts of the black hole. no I won't post a link. I'm tired.

    innumberable anonymice were especially vicious with the advantage of anonymity.

    that creep from New Zealand who ran a station that included a hyper charismatic who popped his eyes in interest when he said the word "power" and who quoted Bill Harmon or Hamon and NZ Grant argued that it was biblically correct the part quoted - some people you don't deal with at all. if they quote the Bible correctly on something, you ace them out and go to the Bible don't direct others to them. That creep doing the show was obviously engaged in Neuro Linguistic Programming games with the viewer and had a peculiar smooth and frozen quality to part of his face below the eyes like he was not even human. something wrong.

  8. typo why do I do it in for paul should read why do I have it in for paul.

  9. woh, just seen paul's photo and yes he does look the nasty and judgemental bully type. I was shocked too looking back over his posts at how he attacks you for having asperger's and some of the anonymice posts look almost identical to his stuff ... perhaps some are him hiding in the weeds? he never posts any stuff just waits to see he can pounce on next ... usually you... though he's had it in for Dorothy too though.

  10. "maybe he spent the time indoors with his head up his mathematical ass."

    maybe he was trying to work out a real conundrum?

  11. Hi Christine, seeing as paul's got your info, you may as well have his address in Portland, Maine, and his telephone number too:

    46 Deering St, Portland, ME 04101, EE. UU.

    +1 207 775 2159

    A friend.

  12. 46 Deering St, Portland, Maine 04101, USA.

    +1 207 775 2159

  13. I wonder how his church congregation he plays in the band for would take to the things he's said about people with autism / aspergers and the rest? anyway, in case you ever feel like dropping them a friendly line, you can find them here...

    Green Memorial AME Zion Church.
    46 Sheridan St, Portland, ME 04101

    +1 207 772 1409

  14. Reverend Kenneth L Lewis would be the guy to have that friendly chat with there...

    I hope things ease off for you.

    1. In case it's needed, more info on Farrar Tree Services

      Contact Info
      Phone Number: (207) 671-8320


      P.O. Box 3312
      Portland, ME 04104
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    2. thank you. after much thought I have decided not to act on this, you may be indeed "a friend" or this might be a setup from paul himself to accuse me of stalking and harassing.

      more importantly, if I or anyone confronted his pastor, paul might rebel against counseling and leave that church and he needs some good spiritual context to grow in. perhaps he will grow up or find something in a sermon or written that he takes to heart.

    3. I didn't post it to entrap you but to give you a way of dealing with him if necessary, though I understand your reluctance. I will write to defend you on that site in future against any bullying although I don't agree with some of what you post, where I see unfairness I will stand by your side. God bless you richly, Christine.

    4. dear anonymous, I'm sure you didn't post to entrap, but just in case (since I can't tell who you are) it could be an issue. so is the spiritual wellbeing of paul an issue. thank you anyway God bless you too.