Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ray Yungen - Questions on the New Age - Part 5 - discusses reiki very dangerous stuff

chakras and meridians appear to be real but they are NOT something to mess with
they have nothing to do with opposing Biblical Christianity except insofar as they
are put to unbiblical use, to activate something to get a spirit guide would be
unbiblical the existence of a center that can be warped to cause this is another
matter. Ecclesiastes 12:6 a major puzzle to interpreters makes total sense to anyone
with The Sight or experience with this note the aura is described as a golden bowl
and the whole thing is addressed to someone who is NOT remembering his Creator
in the days of his youth or he wouldn't be being told to do so, and while new agers
consider a gold or yellow aura to be a sign of spiritual superiority, in fact it is
generally a luciferic evil thing. I have never noticed such a tone on someone who
didn't have demonic involvement when questioned or I found out they were evil
discusses this issue of opening chakras being dead wrong. The whole system (and
there is disagreement on the number and most have some locations wrong especially
the throat chakra which is not center of the throat but rings the base of the head and
upper neck, perhaps meditating on them as being in these wrong positions changes
their position to some extent and warps them.


  1. There's no such thing as chakras, they are a deception of Satan and you are therefore twisting what Ray Yungen is saying, just as you did when you claimed Ecclesiastes 12 refers to chakras. You need to repent and swiftly so!

    You've been exposed today over at cumbey.blogspot again I see. One word: shocking!

    1. I am not twisting Ray's words I am correcting an error of his and yours and adding to what he had to say. YOU ARE EXPOSED AS A LIAR AND FALSE ACCUSER.

      the effort to "correct" my treatment of Eccle. 12 was laughable, it included quoting some Christian commentator who said all this referred to the life force that animates the body. This notion would be denounced as occultic by any of you if presented on its own and not by a Christian commentator.

      YOU ARE ALSO EXPOSED AS AN IDIOT. telling people chakras don't exist does no good if they do exist the problem is to get them to STOP MANIPULATING THEM.

      These manipulations by meditation warp the energy system and make people more influenceable or even invadable by evil spirits. WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK THE EVIL SPIRITS ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO DO THIS CHAKRA WORK AND ENERGY WORK?

      one of you years ago tried to refute my remarks about Eccles. 12 by quoting some Christian commentator on this who said it referred to the life force that animates the body IDIOT, THAT IS A MYSTICAL OCCULTIC NOTION. it might be factual, and merely being exploited by the occultists and new agers.

      to dismiss chakras as nonexistent IS DANGEROUS because people incl. carnal Christians can figure if they are not real then it is harmless to continue with some such meditation on them that makes one feel better (at first).

      Increasingly some chakra and kundalini meditators are finding bad results that jolt them and some recommendations against this are turning up from non Christian sources. One article listed a lot of alternative meditations only one of which struck me as worthwhile because it focused on objective reality and outside of the self. or something like that. this was a couple of years ago.

      I think it was called "kundalini syndrome."

      YOU CAN USE THESE THINGS AGAINST THE NEW AGE WHEN TRYING TO CONVERT THEM, OR GETTING CHRISTIANS TO STOP PLAYING WITH IT. But no, you attack any useful tool against the New Age. In doing so, you may be exposing yourself as a new age mole on the defensive!

      I have always been very suspicioius of you people.

      One of you was so stupid he or she couldn't see that a bit of information in an article refuted the entire argument of the writer, who was too stupid to see that himself (if he had he would have left it out if dishonest or unsure it refuted him, or would have torn up the article and not published it). But no, you accused me then of twisting the writer's words, when I merely showed that his own words refuted him.

  2. even if you can't convert someone, you might be able to get them to stop (or not start) messing with their energy system, which would make them less usable as a channel of demons who would try to mess with us.