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charismatic words translated as vedic sanskrit - and pagan as hell.

NOTE: I was always ambiguous about tongues and the healing
and prophecy thing is clearly false most of the time. But from
my own experience and similar statement by an ex tongues 
talker, I never knew anyone who did this who was worth a damn.
This practice simply cripples your walk in Christ and your growth
and keeps you from having fruits of The Holy Spirit which are
character changes for the better, self control, etc., not miraculous
abilities. But one event where I ran into a clear demonic manifestation
I could see paranormally through a phone from a person I was talking
with who wanted me to pray with not separately so we could be "of
one mind," in other words, a hive mind joining sort of thing, which is
ipso facto evil, convinced me this is all a deception. And then there is
this, and this isn't the first time a tongues speech has been heard by
someone who spoke the language being used, and it was real, but it
was saying bad things. 

The slain in the spirit phenomenon is unbiblical, falling backwards is
being under judgement in The Bible, and it like the shakti pat transferrence
of an occult current from a guru who has the power to do this. 
quote follows.]

1. Shandilyamai Shundai-

These are the single two most common buzz words used by Charismatics during tongues speaking sessions. I first heard R.W. Shambaugh use them in the days of radio preaching. These two words are often interjected in a preaching time like the Old Testament word, "Selah." They give the impression that the speaker is on the razor edge of full power, and he can hardly keep from lapsing into full blown tongues speaking.
You will never find anyone who has interpreted the above words or heard an interpretation. Since I wrote that last statement, someone will no doubt come up with an interpretation, but my claim still stands. I have asked around, and Charismatics can't give an interpretation for Shandilyamai Shundai.
Therefore; I shall interpret the words, and it will not be by the "gift of interpretation." I shall use my research into Vedanta Hinduism, epigraphic evidences from the Middle East, the King James Bible, and consultations with five informed Hindus from India. What follows will terrify a truly born again Charismatic, or old time Pentecostal, who really loves Jesus Christ and the King James Bible.
Shandilyamai is derived from two concepts within the Hindu Vedanta word:
Shandilyavedya- Which we will break into two root words:
Shandilya Vedya- Which we will define from my Vedanta dictionary (published in India) and the response of the five Hindus from India whom I consulted:
Shandilya- Means, "In praise of the ideal glory of..."
This is the meditation aspect of the word. The Hindu mystic goes through massive destruction of the conscious mind so that only "pure" unconsciousness remains. Some people call this demon possession. So, the thought, "In praise of the ideal glory of..." must be understood in the light of the Hindu mind.
Vedya- "The Brahman consciousness." So the whole word means:
Shandilyavedya- "In praise of the ideal glorious Brahman mind."
Well, you can see that the Charismatic buzz word ends with "mai" rather than with "Vedya." So, we must find out what the "mai" ending means. Again, from my Vedanta dictionary and five Hindu consultants:
Meeya- The female goddess / mother. When I talked to one educated Hindu, she told me that the "mai" on the end of "shandilyamai" was a mother goddess, "Just like your Mary..." She thought that I was a Roman Catholic because I told her I was a Christian. There is another Vedanta Hindu word  possible:
Maya- This is "ILLUSION." ALL Hindus want to get to the point in meditation where they become one with the Brahman, and earthly things become 100% illusion..
We can now define Shandilyamai, and you have two choices on the next Lord's Day:
Shandilyameeya- "In praise of the ideal glorious mother goddess." In Hinduism that would be blood thirsty Kali, the terror of all Hindus. OR:
Shandilyamaya- "In praise of the effulgent ideal illusive unconsciousness in the Brahman." Any of you who have studied the New Age will clearly understand the ramifications of this notion.
The "mai" on the end of the Charismatic buzz word has simply deteriorated so that it is hard to be sure which Hindu ending is the correct one. Every one of the Hindus I talked to was convinced that "Shandilyamai" was Vedanta Hindu in origin. I did not tell them the context of the use so that they would be willing to talk to me. Also, I did not want to give Christ's enemies cause to blaspheme. The fact that many Charismatic leaders use these words is very timely for our consideration.
All five of my Hindu consultants felt that the word was exaltation of the goddess Kali.Read that again please.
This word comes up thousands of times in Charismatic circles, and by the most respected leading lights of the movement. This situation give substance to claims that devils are ruling the "worship" and "tongues" sessions of these dear people. I did not say they were unsaved, but anyone who exalts Kali, or the Brahman mind, in a Bible believing gathering HAS to be under demonic control. Why? Because they have gotten so comfortable with this blasphemy that it is never interpreted. God's Spirit ALWAYS interprets a "tongue."
I had one Assembly of God pastor tell me, "Well, the Hindus stole it from us." Wrong!  This Vedanta word, "Shandilyavedya" and the words, "Maya" and "Meeya" were in common use in 700 BC by the Isa Upanishads-  possibly as early as 1000 BC.
If you have used this word in God's face, claiming that it came from the Holy Ghost, you have no way out of this mess except to fall on your knees (not "slain" on your backside), and confess your foul words to God. He will forgive you. I John 1:9
Now you have a real problem. Are you going to let this blasphemy go on in your assembly? Perhaps this learning experience will encourage you to move from the devilish temple of emotional frenzy which you attend, and join one of the many house churches springing up. Many Charismatics are doing this today.
What about the word "Shundai?" This almost always goes after "Shandilyamai." I have yet to learn its meaning. I have been told by several Hindus that it is probably Sanskrit because its ending agrees grammatically with "Shandilyamai." I would be very interested to learn if someone finds out what it means. Send INTERNET E-Mail I have a strong suspicion that it is sexually explicit since the Hindus I consulted all felt that the goddess ending was the most logical one. All Hindu goddess cults are sexual.
Once confronted with these facts from Hinduism, any Charismatic who will not be cleansed from these words must be considered a heretic, unsaved, and he must be placed under the Anathema in the Lord's Church. This is the charitable thing to do.
"Shundai" is being exposed. Be careful, for this is goddess stuff from the Orient I believe, and it is being used as a buzz word for Oriental porn: -- Japanese goddess connection -- A Confucian Japanese philosopher !! -- Same philosopher arguing about what is pure Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism. -- What a fellowship of devils this "Shundai" keeps. --
Sundara (masc.), related to Shundai (fem.) as near as I can tell, is a very pagan Hare Krishna form. See the male female endingHERE.
Sundara is also used as feminine.

There seems to be a connection between the goddess / god paganism of India and the Oriental Confucian notions. But, the most obvious connection here is the Indian Hindu one. This also agrees with the grammatical agreement of "Shundai" with "Shandilyamai." More needs to be done on this in Sanskrit, but the obvious conclusion is that the Charismatic use of these words is the most powerful blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.


WHAT IS THE USE OF "SHUNDAI" HERE? Charismatic folly me thinks:
" Hey Morales! Your awesome {shundai}!! I think you are sooo right about the Revival Generation, but we need something like that ..... we have been promised revival right?? That's who were are {a revival generation}, Im holding onto to the promise but maybe not that name!!LOL: ) haha! See you all soon! Kerrie-Lynn - Monday, November 22, 1999 at 15:21:31 (EST) "

SAME SITE-- Second message-- This proves the use of this filthy word in Charismania
"kerrie's suggestion is great, but i think that it has been used before... there are albums called revival generation, and i think that the name was used in their website, but i'm not sure. anyway here's a suggestion...shundai generation. most of the people that see that suggestion won't understand it, but the rhode island people should.(shundai is a word in pastor Mike Servello's tongues... scott kinder uses it when describing something spiritual (scott is our church's drummer)).there you go then... josh morales smithfield,ri, usa - Monday, November 22, 1999 at 04:17:39 (EST) "
Tongues speaking Pentecostal talks about being teased as a young woman by people using a catch word phrase which included the word "Shundai".
Elsewhere: "Shundai, rhondagottaablue Hyundai"
Same forum: "I have a friend who told me (and was quite serious) that when she wanted to speak in tongues she would say "shouldaboughtahonda...." (with something tagged onto the end I never quite heard what she said...) to "help" her start speaking in tongues Must be universal charismatic speak? ha."
Same forum: "If, in your rascally misspent youth, you happened to have memorized the prologue to The Canterbury Tales in Old English, it can pass as "tongues" quite well unless you have a pretty well educated buncha charismatics. Just sayin. (And taking the 5th Amendment from here out)."

Alleged Evangelist Juanita Bynum claims the "spiritual gift" of typing in tongues.
The problem is, her alleged messages from God have few if any vowels and are virtually unpronounceable.

If you ever hear the words, "Manisola" or "Shamballa" during tongues speaking sessions, check out their origin.
 [NOTE using for the URL on this "check out their origin," since
it is now defunct, I find this term manisola refers to a New Age false light
earth path to the divine sort of bullshit.]

1.5 Shambhala (Added 2013)
This word has been coming up in Charismatic tongues speaking since at least the 1950s. It may well be the buss word that should have signaled Pentecostals long ago that Satan had send devils to administers Pentecostalism. I heard this word bandied about among fluff headed missionaries in Tanzania in the 1950s when I was a kid growing up in a missionary home. Where were the rest of you diddle heads?
So, what is the origin of Shambhala? The spelling should cause a student of the history of world religion to panic, that is, if that person is a Bible believer hearing it in tongues speaking in his church. Problem-- There are probably not more than two Pentecostals worldwide who have really studied world religion, and not many more Fundamental Bible Believers.
Cave complex under the Himalayas from a ruined Gobi Desert area society. Their traditions include: Working the left-hand path; Doing Tantrik Magick; The study of science and yoga. It is said that the next avatara will come from Shambhala.

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