Saturday, July 21, 2012

axis flip possible or not?

sun rising in west and setting in east - two thoughts occurred to me. God "Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever." Ps. 104:5 Septuagint "He established the earth on its stable foundations, it shall not be moved unto ages of ages." (Ps. 103:5 in LXX)

now what does "moved" mean? this doesn't refute rotabion or orbit, only indicates these will not be disturbed in any meaningful way.

now, what about the division of the earth in Peleg's time? while many think this means only social division by language confusion at Babel, this could also be physical, the breakup of Pangea which scientists think happened millions of years ago, young earthers would put a few thousand years ago, both could agree it happened.

Why not divide by language AND geography?

in such a situation, the APPEARANCE of change of location of sunrise could easily occur, as continents separated and rotated somewhat from their original single landmass described in Genesis chapter 1.

And after some additional shifting, or perhaps just travel of the people, the old memory of change of direction of sunrise would pertain, and the present correctly observed sunrise, and this whole thing be interpreted as involving a change of the sun's motion (geocentric) or earth's axis position (heliocentric). 

So axis flip may be out of the question for Revelation 6, but crustal displacement is not. As the surface moves, those on the surface would see the stars APPEAR to move quickly down towards the horizon instead of setting at their normal rate.

The memory of some pagan peoples of such a change in direction of sunrise could also have to do with the long day of Joshua, if God gently rolled the earth over prolonging the time of the sun above the horizon in Israel, this could have some interesting visual effects elsewhere. The story of changing direction of sunrise might be a warped oral memory of this.

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