Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apollo Nazi Conquest of Space NWO 3

while an upsurge of flying saucers certainly occurred in the 1950s, and
many may have a paranormal or occult in the sense of evil connection,
they predate these days. Granted the lands referred to, Germany and
Russia, have an entrenched occult community and folk activity dating
before that.

A certain WW II buff is adamant that the Nazis had no back engineered
alien craft. This is because of his bias that any such claims denigrate
human ingenuity, especially as regards ancient technology, and I agree
you don't have to credit aliens for all that, though you do need some
sort of peculiar technology. Which humans could have developed. But
that doesn't rule out an alien presence at times, given some peculiar

My guess is, the truth as usual, lies between these extremes.

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