Monday, March 26, 2012

new post on miscellaneous

It has been brought to my attention, that I have posted nothing
since Mar. 7th. Well, I had other things to do. Then I got a bad
virus followed by a bacterial infection. My flat broke cab driver
fiance went to a free clinic, which gave him 2 pills, zithromax and
no scrip for the rest, perhaps on purpose to break up the initial 
block of germs, because you are not supposed to give this crap to
people with liver problem history etc. which he has, and I got the
same when I went to the ER with every indication of being one
of them untermenschen without a lot of money also, and I started
feeling something wrong in either the back of my liver or the 
kidneys and didn't go beyond the first two. Fell back on handfuls of echinacea, 150 mg of zinc and 4 grams of vitamin c at a time and
other stuff. The virus I had treated with antiviral herbs, cutting short
the worst of it. My fiance had walking pneumonia and I was afraid
I was next. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a tendency to use dicey 
antibiotics so strong you only use them once a day with all kinds of
contraindications and so forth, on people like us? All it takes is one
or two people in standards setting on what is covered by what, what
is to do in some circumstances. The doctors and pharmacists following the issued procedures wouldn't get it. Maybe I am being paranoid. 

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