Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Apostles heresy moves into schools 
\This article is from the perspective of religious indiffentism to outright atheism I suppose, but the issue is serious, because the dominionist cult is leading the charge, NAR in particular the new apostles heresy.

I would suggest, that this be used against NAR, that someone who has a kid in this situation, get the kid to get the others to read carefully and show them where the characteristic ideas of dominionism and NAR are wrong.

the evangelical movement started, I thought, as a focus on Jesus and The Bible aside from
denominational differences, but it has been taken over by the fleshliness and heresy crowd.

See study links on the right side of the blog for information on dominionism. Also, 
check http://www, for information on the New Apostles heresy and spiritual
deception movement that is now characteristic of the charismatic scene, itself always
dubious. A look at the early Montanist heresy would be instructive in all this.

the typical way of getting the gift of tongues, which St. Paul says is the least of them, is
for someone to place their hands on the proposed recipient, and tell them to just let
loose out of their mouth whatever they feel like, so of course out comes gibberish.

This EXACT SAME technique, is described by St. Irenaeus c. AD 180, as how a
certain gnostic heretic who claimed tongues and the ability to give it operated. Irenaeus
points out that this is also presumptuous towards God.


  1. The article seems to be a bit of a "scare story", though I have seen that kind of thing happen, when a supposedly non-denominational organisation (like the Child Evangelism Fellowship in the story) is taken over by a group with a particular theological axe to grind.

    It happened here with a similar organisation called Scripture Union, whose aim was to encourage children to read the Bible. In one city it was taken over by a group of ultra-Calvinists, who used it to push their ideology in a very aggressive way.

  2. well, I see three angles to this. First, its a scare story from the perspective of the writer, who obviously considers any Christian presence in school is bad. the New Apostles thing is only bad because more aggressive and more controlling.

    Second, its good news from the perspective of the NAR.

    Third, its useable to undermine the NAR, on behalf of saner forms of Christianity (or even Orthodoxy eventually) if kids who are solidly educated in Scripture and what is wrong with NAR and similar groups were to start speaking up in those groups or to them.