Wednesday, September 7, 2011

nibiru relevant links wheat sorted from chaff, it still looks bad.

there is a lot of hysteria and confusion on the web about all this,
here is the sanest and most likely correct I can find. on some youtube things, it cuts off and you click on the next one or find the same title on the right column, with the next up number. somewhere in the Global Warming What the Government Isn't Telling You bunch of videos (or go to and download the whole thing) is an earth changes map John Moore got to see from some Navy guy, classified map he reconstructs, and unlike the usual earth changes chanelled nonsense maps this shows the Rockies intact and the eastern seaboard, all gulf coast states and the California coast is gone. California impossible to call because of seismic issues they said, interesting that the valleys are shown intact.

Washington State's flat plane inland from the mountains is an
inland sea, Mississippi River is 50 miles wide connecting the Great Lakes to the Gulf, and Wisconsin is gone, underwater.
try to ignore the emotion laden music and pay attention to what is said and shown.

the peculiarities reported about Comet Elenin make sense if it is orbiting or being dragged along by something else, and a brown dwarf star would be invisible except with it occludes something else you can see, or in infrared photography. 

the alignments of Elenin and Earth that corelated to massive earthquakes, makes no sense as per Elenin, which is not a snowball, but a 2 kilometer rock, but if it is being dragged by something bigger and more massive, then the apparent corelation to Elenin is actually a corelation to the other thing with it.

 the video series free online, that

has for sale as a DVD, mentioned on the above link. Probably argues all biblical disaster had to do with this not miracles, but that doesn't do much regarding events in The Bible that are not explainable this way involving God's speaking and other things. Timing of 3600 years is based on this idea, the actual orbit
is probably different. Egypt and others claimed that the sun used to rise in the west and before that the east and several such changes, which would point to a total global flip several times in human experience, I don't think you can blame The Flood on this one or it would have happened several times.

THE VERY FACT THAT WE ARE OVERDUE FOR SO MUCH, TELLS ME THAT THE 3600 YEAR CYCLE THING IS WRONG, and there are serious problems in ancient chronology adding up to anywhere from 250 to 500 years wrong in Egypt and parts of ancient Grecian post Mycenae.

Revelation after the four horsemen describes an event exactly like what we can expect, followed by an unspecified length of peace before all hell breaks loose, during this time the Jews convert to Christ before the antichrist and all that.

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