Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dutchsinse exposed and demonic plan involving solfuggio frequencies

Everybody needs to listen to these two videos
at this link.

Solfuggio sounds are allegedly based on Gregorian
and Byzantine chant, but this is just a trap for 
people who like Gregorian or Byzantine, and the
frequencies have been tweaked into something
abnormal and unwholesome. 

On one page, there are crustals that were produced
by the sounds, like snowflakes but 3D, each one
hollow, and with something in the hollow or hiding
deep in it.

I think these sounds unduce a simi;ar effect in your
brain THIS IS NOT HEMISYNCH! the effect is that
some kind of portal or channel is made, maybe with
a blob in the center which is inhabitable by a spirit,
and broadcasts its availability perhaps to them. 

The effects described on these videos by those who
have used them, are NOTHING like ANYTHING I
have experienced listening to Byzantine chants.

This is a trap not only for audio experimentally 
inclined people, but for RC and Orthodox and 
those who like their musical culture. The effect
is very bad very wierd, might facilitate possession
or make you usable as a channell or portal for 
something to come through you and do stuff 


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