Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Newer Video of The Holy Light in Jerusalem, Old Calendar Pascha

this was only thought to be fraud, after it refused to come for
the Crusader installed bishop. The Patriarch and the Holy
Tomb are searched for anything that could make fire, and
The Holy Light comes not only in The Holy Tomb, but
outside for all to see, and lights candles and for the first
33 minutes, the fire burns only a wick, nothing else, you
can wash your face in it and it doesn't burn or singe your
hair or anything.

Long ago, the Armenian Patriarch bribed the Turkish
authorities who ruled there, to lock out the Greek Jerusalem
Patriarch, and he conducted the prayers outside and The
Holy Light did not appear in The Tomb and light the tapers
of the Armenian Patriarch, but crashed through a pillar and
lit the tapers of the Orthodox (Chalcedonian Christology)
Patriarch! A Turk named Tounoum saw this, confessed
Christ as the true God, and was thrown headlong to his
death by the other Turks there. The split and singe on the
pillar is there to this day.

Glory to God!

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