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Isaiah 48:12-16 Old Testament Validation of The Trinity NOTICE VERSE 16

"12Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel, my called; 
I am he; I am the first, I also am the last.
 13Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the 
earth, and my right hand hath spanned the 
heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up 
 14All ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which 
among them hath declared these things? The LORD 
hath loved him: he will do his pleasure on Babylon, 
and his arm shall be on the Chaldeans.
 15I, even I, have spoken; yea, I have called him: 
I have brought him, and he shall make his way 

 16Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have 
not spoken in secret from the beginning; from 
the time that it was, there am I: and now the 
Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me."

notice that all the foregoing cannot be said by 
a mere human, Isaiah himself, even at the last, 
the speaker says, "...from the beginning;
from the time that it was, there am I"

YHWH is I AM or The Eternal Self Existent One, 
but further, we see "and now the Lord YHWH, 
AND HIS SPIRIT, has sent me."

Now, if this were Isaiah speaking, you still have 
a duality within YHWH you have The Father and 
His Spirit, Who are Both active in sending the 
speaker. ACTION and WILL are not something 
that a mere force does, The Holy Spirit is not a 
mere energy of The Father, because an energy 
is sent, and may trigger other things, but it does 
not send, like an initiator of action. It does not
act, like a person acts.

But to say that Isaiah speaking regarding himself 
says "from the beginning," etc. is to accuse him 
of blasphemy. So the speaker Isaiah quotes, is
YHWH, Who says He is SENT by YHWH and SENT 

So we have three YHWHs. But they are all one, 
beyond human comprehension. This idea offends
the sinful pride of the JWs and other heretics,
who do not want to think that anything can be
beyond the reach of human reason. Yet remember,
precisely this line of though has been used to
eliminate the idea of God existing at all, though
it required a lot of irrationality and non-pursuit
of questions of origin beyond some outstanding
point itself still physical and without explanation
for itself, other than, it just is. At that point you
might as well ascribe intelligence, choice, will
etc. to this primordial physical or semi physical
mass, except you can't, all such things incl.
"the physical medium itself" as certain people
are calling the world soul as Plato and hermetists
called it, is manipulatable, and may have some
nature with inclinations, but is not intelligent and
in control. Obviously it cannot be Creator, only
a creature out of which God made everything else.

The word "mystery" is denounced by JWs as pagan,
but the word's usage had to do with rituals and so
forth whose purpose was little understood but
involved a participation in some entity or other,
its more limited sense in English, a great puzzle
you can't figure out much of which, was not the
meaning in "the Mysteries."

Yet The Father is the ground of being of the Other
Two. The Son ETERNALLY without a time before
which He was not, is begotten of The Father.
The All Holy Spirit is ETERNALLY without a time
before which He was not, spirated from The Father.
There is a special mystery regarding The All Holy
Spirit, Whose actions always of The Father and
declaring of the things of The Son, is often so
hidden that He might be mistaken for a force or
energy or action of The Father, but He is in fact
a PERSON, as shown by even the NWT the
Jehovah's Witnesses love so much, which calls
Him "that one" and ascribes action to him.

 "26 When the helper arrives that I will send you from 
the Father, the spirit of the truth, which proceeds from
the Father, that one will bear witness about me;"
" 7 Nevertheless, I am telling you the truth, It is for 
your benefit I am going away. For if I do not go away, 
the helper will by no means come to you; but if I do go 
my way, I will send him to you.

 8 And when that one arrives he will give the world 
convincing evidence concerning sin and 
concerning righteousness and concerning judgment:" 
"3 However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the 
truth, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not 
speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears 
he will speak, and he will declare to you the things 
coming. 14 That one will glorify me, because he will 
receive from what is mine and will declare it to you. "

this is said only of a person, not a force. 

The NWT mistranslators failed to tweak this
as well as they tweaked the famous "was God" 
into the infamous "was A god." Perhaps because
it takes more work than just adding something
that wasn't there and going on, it needs such 
a rewrite it couldn't be done without raising 
a red flag that a rewrite had been done.


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