Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Japan Sinking?

on YouTube if you put japan sinking in to the search bar, you will
find some very persuasive arguments to this effect.

there is a strange prophecy by joe brandt, a set of dreams or visions
he had in 1937, which he only told in the 1960s. in those days,
men sometimes wore beards, but the thing that would have got his
attention in the 1930s would have been long hair. There were no
long haired men in his view of Los Angeles in the future. Men
wore beards, and earrings. women were wearing short skirts, and
there were lots of little cars that made no noise, electric vehicles
I guess.

Well, everything west of the San Andreas went into the ocean,
a kind of tilting subsidence, started at 3:50 pm on a sunny day
that felt like early spring, and was over by 4:29 pm same day.

some versions of the vision on the web, are slightly contracted,
and leave out a few details, but the long version at this link
includes the following information: that about three months before
this, Japan sank or subsided, collapsed, whatever, into the ocean,
and there was a volcano blowing up in Venezuela and/or Columbia.

So, folks, in Japan, maybe you should start looking into relocation,
or into having lots of boats and flotation, and pray to Jesus Christ
that there be land bridges upheaved you might be able to escape

and folks in California, if all or any huge amount of Japan slides
under water, and this is not implausible given the seismic features
and being at the edge of tectonic plates, and maybe crustal displacement
is beginning, and a volcano goes off in Venezuela, a big one, then
you got three months or less to get away from the coast.

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