Friday, April 16, 2010

What is wrong with this picture(s)?

Look very closely. On the left, she looks too smooth in parts of her face, like she is
some alien hybrid related to the sort in "Earth Final Conflict". This is less evident in
the photo on the right, but even there obviously she has had some cosmetic surgery
workover to give an effect. Or she has some real weird DNA.

Second, look at the cleavage. Aside from the probably enhanced boobs, right
between them is an UPSIDE DOWN CROSS.

This is present in both photos, with the right side photo having an additional
low hanging cross, that might be upright or equilateral, but since it lies
lower than the inverted cross, it would seem to be saying that the satanic
cross is ruling over the Christian cross. Also, being much lower, it seems to
point to her pelvis.

Note her political interests, her interest in powerful and rich men, and the
cute use of the name "Wicked Models." Satanism of the sort I call classy
or philosophical, pretends to be harmless to children and animals (probably
only harmless to vicious ones), but preaches an ego uber alles approach
that is compatible with anything. It only takes an individual of this philosophy,
who adds on the satanic "principle" of indulgence instead of abstinence,
and you have anything possible.

Finishing the picture for now, is her alliance with that lawyer who represented
David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz.

Berkowitz is now a Christian and repentant. But he has repeatedly said
he cannot tell all he knows or name all the names that are part of this
bigger picture that includes rape, drugs, prostitution, and murder whether
ritualistic or otherwise, because his mother would be in danger.

And having a cult bigwig as his lawyer would be a perfect way to keep
him apprised of these things if he wavered. My guess is, that his lawyer
was provided by the cult, either directly or by some finagling, to keep
the lines of communication - and threat - open.

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