Monday, October 9, 2017

40% of people are peer pressure susceptible

timestamp 5:26 an experiment showed that 40% of people will go along to get along
even when the answer provided is blatantly wrong.

how this translates to politics and morals is interesting. Just about everything shows
some influence by trend setters and so forth over the decades. 

while you're worrying about not obeying but questioning authority, you might
take a look at not obeying but questioning the authority of the herd. St. Paul warns
against both imitating and against being different for its own sake. in the latter
category you get both at once - being counter culture by showing by some
clothing or whatever that you are "different" which involves imitating the style
that says all this.


  1. Hi Christine,

    I don't tend to post very often but I have noticed you haven't posted anything at Constance Cumbey's for a while... I miss you and your valuable insight there. You mustn't let bullies win. You're more than that ... they're jealous! Besides, Thomas Dahlheimer is challenging you at ... I don't know what he's talking about.

    Please come back. There are others who miss you too, I'm sure.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Sandra, I am limited to one post a week and the posting program only allows 4200 I think it is characters incl. spaces and punctuation. I usually post Sunday morning at or after 12 am. if you search my name on a blog comments page you will find some posts.

      I am starting to deal with Dullheimer as someone adequately calls him. he confuses genetic bottleneck (which by definition is in an existing population not the start of one) with the two original humans Y chromosome track and mitochondrial eve so called theory. I am sure he finds that genetic bottleneck uncomfortable even with Toba as an explanation. it fits the Flood results too well.

      T.D. (let's see if you reverse his initials you got D T which used to be short for delirium tremens, delirium with trembling extreme hangover withdrawals from alcohol so he's raving mad) is taking some Bible stuff out of context on the assumption that all religious stuff has some truth, but only accepts as true in the Bible what is he finds useful, and throws in some sloppy science. a difference between panentheism and pantheism is discussed.

      panentheism has so many conflicting versions that it strikes me as a term that should be discontinued, having no reliable meaning.

      I usually don't read his stuff except a brief scan because I don't like his stuff. I figured I'd let the others deal with him, who are doing a good job, but its deteriorated to the all holy prophet alexander hislop and his fawning devotee RayB going ballistic which, as Constance or someone observed, isn't helpful.

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