Monday, May 8, 2017

the Islamic Antichrist Debunked


  1. Plenty of information exposing Shoebat here:

    1. glancing at this I recognize some issues I already dealt with elsewhere.

      firstly, the Vatican is on a hill OUTSIDE the old and modern Roman city limits. it is not one of the seven hills and there are many many cities that claim to be built on seven hills. USA has at least 12 maybe 20 such. A good case has been made that USA is Babylon the Great another good case has been made that Babylon being a MYSTERY not a clear cut thing, is a moving stronghold, that at various times was settled in various city states, and lately here. Might be elsewhere by the very end. Might not.

      Shoebat started as a jihadi (the claims his claims are provably false fails because of an old newspaper article, describing the bombing that was denied happened.) and he brought the jihadi attitude into Christianity when he converted. Naturally this can be complicating.

      Theodore or Ted Shoebat is an excellent analyst of current events in light of history which often repeats itself. I recommend their site for this. However, though he is correct that the anti jihad movement is heavily compromised by Nazis and homosexuals and eugenicists, and that the refugee problem was partly created by Merkel and co. to make the far right more palatable, the fact is that these are the only people equipped and prepared to deal with a street fighting situation that the jihadis will create sooner or later. The problem is, to keep them from gaining permanent power and get rid of them once they solve the problem created to exalt them.

      Shoebat & Co is a mixed bag of tricks. Walid (I don't recall if I noticed Ted do this) frequently misquotes Scripture either applying it to some place or person it isn't about, or flat out misquote that isn't matched in any Roman Catholic or protestant version I can find. Such as the Malachi prophecy about a pure grain offering and incense being offered from the rising to the setting of the sun to YHWH and His Name being exalted.

      The prophecy doesn't say pure grain or grain just a pure offering, which in post exilic times tended to refer to the grain offering but included blood offerings.

      HOWEVER NONE OF THIS COULD BE DONE EXCEPT AT THE TEMPLE. So how could it be done in many lands?

      Shoebat is correct that only the Apostolic Churches those that I call "liturgical" with an Apostolic Succession offer incense to God.

      THEREFORE THIS PROPHECY DOES REFER TO THE ROMAN CATHOLIC AND EASTERN ORTHODOX WORSHIP, perhaps even to that of the semi heretical non Chalcedonian type Orthodox (because Trinitarian not arian or similar)
      churches also. in fact, you'd need them in some places to fit this picture.

  2. In several places the Bible (which focusses more on the morals and theology which is more important to God than the liturgics, and treats more of the former and takes the latter for granted, rarely mentioning it) does make hints that go AGAINST the anti RC hysteria of protestants (which I used to share decades ago before I read the Bible straight through in a few months and did this three times, also got to know the writings of the second century fathers).

    Shoebat in his over excitement makes some of his arguments look flawed when other verses do support them.

    Now as for only masonic presidents are the best I don't know. maybe he's learned better. But the idea that the antichrist is a moslem or has a moslem background is seriously flawed, because it is written that he will not honor the gods PLURAL of his fathers but a strange god of fortresses a militaristic and perhaps technology and occult forces promoting false god. and present himself as god.

    While a pagan might become a moslem (thus not honoring his fathers' gods) he would have to have gotten into something else by the time he becomes the antichrist.

    Another BIG problem is that all t he interpreters miss something about Daniel chapter 7 which I detail in start from the earliest post.

    The bulk of the complaints prots have against Rome are about things with a biblical basis and often involve misunderstanding (not helped when badly trained priests believe the same things like that Christ is sacrificed anew on the altar, which is not the case).

    The Two Babylons by Hislop was first believed in then after fact checking rejected by Woodward who wrote The Babylon Connection? showing most of it is dead wrong and towards the end of the book listing page after page of practices religious and otherwise known among pagans, shown in the Bible as among the Israelites, and either ordered by God Himself or not condemned by Him!

    A lot of pagan practices were stolen from the True Faith when it was in practice in Seth's time and later, before paganism eclipsed it.

    Walid descended to the depths of vile falsehood and slander when he got tired of my correcting him and this despite admitting I was right that a verse he applied to Jesus Christ was about John the Baptist.

    recently he claimed I had mocked the Incarnation and said Christ descended from a lineage from Onan's spilled seed. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING THIS. I said a betulah (hymen intact) virgin could get pregnant without a miracle, from an oops spill from petting to orgasm, but an almah translated young woman has according to Strong's Concordance implications of isolation, propriety even veiling that would mean no such activity took place, like the apparent redundancy about Rebekah in Genesis, that she was a virgin (betulah) AND no man had known her, actually two distinct issues. Walid assumes Rabbi Akiva changed betulah to almah in the Masoretic text, but we don't have the Hebrew original that the Septuagint, which translated whatever word there as virgin, to know which was there. as it is, changed or not, the implications of the miraculous are even more extreme than with betulah.

    Walid is a bit of a prima donna. I have more respect for his son.