Friday, December 16, 2016

Turtle Island

No that is not about the Galapagos Islands and those big tortoises. Its the Native American
name for the North American Continent. Ever take a look at this thing on a map its shape?
Its like a turtle. you can figure the head north and tail is Mexico or vice versa, but its
a turtle.

How did they know this? An old name from thousands of years ago or more recently
people who could get high enough in the sky to see what its looks like, or information
from those who came from elsewhere (but are really humans originally from earth)?

There is another issue. Anyone remember that old view of the earth as sitting on
a giant turtle, and an earthquake is when it moves?

In any legend, you want to back engineer it, how might this refer to something that
was first reported by a wild eyed ignorant peasant and passed through a few
more people before the story stabilized with serious changes and misinterpretations?

Guess where this designator comes from: China and India. Well, their lands are
sort of the other side of the world from us. That means from their perspective, the
world (with themselves as rivals to be the center of it) is on top of a turtle that is
on the underside.

And pass this through a lot of story tellers and so forth and you get the world

Did the Native Americans get the story from the Chinese explorers? Maybe. Where
did they get it from? HOW DID THEY OR ANYONE KNOW?

unless there were some people who could fly a small segment a secret society
or a lost high tech civilization.

Ancient Astronauts and other nonsense (incl. awestruck near worshipful view of
"the ancients" and "antiquity") plays on odd indicators to argue that aliens
(WITHOUT an ultimate earth origin) were here teaching us everything. This of
course implies humans can't do anything but once in a while pick our noses
without breaking our arms in the process.

I think the aliens taught us some flight and electronic levitation and we taught
them megalithic building which their technology made possible to be much
bigger than we started with in the Neolithic. (despite my use of standard
geological anthropolical terms, I am not an ancient earth evolutionist.)

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