Tuesday, October 11, 2016

God's wrath and God's love

Something I emailed someone.

The Fathers are not alien to the idea of God's anger at sin, both the renovationsts and the
more classical agree that God's anger is not the passion driven unstable etc. stuff we are used to. However anthropomorphic you want to deride it as, and God's love also, don't forget that,
it is solidly present in the Bible and that includes the Psalms we use.
OFten human anger is based in part on liking being angry or on varioius issues that don't have
to do with love. There is plenty of reason for God to have some anger at the intransigently
hostile to Him type humans. There is nothing evil about that.
God's love must be eliminated then with God's anger for both are anthropomorphisms. This
very term anthropomorphism reeks of the more educated type of paganism that rebelled
against the lowlife passionate "gods" of Greece and Rome, and their Renaissance humanist
heirs who laid the groundwork for later bad developments in theology east and west.
so you want to go that far?
when you love something you are angry at what tries to harm it. God is wrongly styled as
wrathful in the OT loving in the NT but while He shows His wrath at times, He spent a lot
space in the prophets begging people to repent and offering forgiveness. The NT fulfills
prophecies in the OT.
Granted His emotions for lack of a better word are not identical to human emotions but
at the same time, we being made in His image and likeness can't reject anthropomorphisms
outright for the very reason that we ARE made in His image and likeness however warped
that has become.
Its not a question of a God eagerly looking to torment people. indeed, Jesus says Sodom
will have it better in the Judgement because they WOULD have repented if given the signs
and wonders Christ did in some other cities who did not repent, and those will have it worse.
a God Who cuts you slack because of the good you would have done if given the chance the repentance you would have done if given the chance, is not a sadist. that doesn't mean they
will have blessedness, just not such bad punishment. the warning that the hypocrites who
devour the money of widows and orphans and for pretense make long prayers will have the
greater damnation shows there is a lesser damnation.

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