Sunday, July 24, 2016

the problems of pokemon go

there are two problems with this game. the obvious dangers created by it described here and elsewhere. [this was part of a thread on Nextdoor, where the hazards of people getting in the way 
misparking cars, not paying attention etc. were discussed. there is also the risk of being robbed 
or worse because of going somewhere dangerous and not paying attention.]

 and pokemon itself. it means "pocket monster" like you'd want to keep a pet
monster in your
pocket, a familiar spirit perhaps? the characters are all paranormal type things, and my guess is that if someone researched Japanese demons including the more obscure ones and sorcery and its terms, some or all of the characters' names would be among them.

children's books, movies, games etc. and video games for teens and adults involve a lot of occultic stuff. "summoning" figures in one otherwise worthwhile strategy war game. So I won't play it. Decades ago I messed around with sorcery and it contributed to breakdowns. these things are real. ghosthunters with electronic equipment show that. some may be the dead but others are not. the universal experience and reports of all peoples of all ages of the world that they exist should not be despised as mere superstition. In my case,
I tried two or three times to conjure up demons with a protective circle and names of God in it and nothing appeared. always "licensed them to depart" just in case. then I was preparing the implements of the ritual to try again, and the air changed and I could mentally almost physically see a dirty dark bluish portal or pit like something whirling opening up and could see myself as a white ghost clawing at the walls and going down. I knew I was in trouble. I prayed to God meaning the God of Abraham I had read about in the Bible as
a child, not the hindu new age whatnot philosophic brahmanic blur. The air cleared and just in case I "licensed them to depart" then did an exorcism of the house in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit and burned all the implements and never did this again. I didn't know much about exorcism but I had an idea of what to do. It took me a few more years to commit to Jesus Christ and decades later I joined the Orthodox Church.

Most people won't run into this by playing pokemon. but it sets a tone. Some few will go farther, especially if they attract something that can only mildly influence them.

Disney is not and never has been "wholesome" and the hidden images in the art in the movies got a bit worse over time. Fantasia is all about a mishandled demon evocation. Tinker Bell and her fairy dust is about the glamour, the mind deceiving power of the fae. who are not good in original stories. Glittery and/or particulate especially mind blurring white cloud or gold with reddish tones kind of light whether visible or only a mental impression is demonic. It took me years to figure that out and got confirmation from someone writing about what monks had experienced. The heavy dark atmosphere is obvious the other more infestive and dangerous because deceptive.

Disney was personally mean and pro fascist.

there are now heavy duty type occult books turning up in the Rocklin Library.

its a conveyorbelt from just pretend and just games and its nothing real just a game to hardcore satanism at the other end of the spectrum. or, someone doesn't want to go that far, messing with demons. The values promoted are harmful even if the occult isn't obvious. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are female models that promote passivity and all their problems are solved by a rich man. Lady and the Tramp sets you up to like bad boys who are looking for a rich gal or at least one with her own home more stable than the ones he loves and leaves, and if Lady wasn't classy and housed it would have been the same with her.

beyond that, violence and adventurism and glorifying conquest and then there is Mary Poppins as a pop thing and Peter Pan (last name is odd, the sex obsessed half goat satyr demon of rural Greece) Poppins is clearly a witch, and she cultivates a model of the ritual and non ritual abuse situation (even though no abuse occurs) where life is split between one world and another, so she takes the kids on adventures and if they speak of them she is indignant that they are making things up. screws with their minds, dishonest, builds a secret world. this unwholesome model fits incest and adultery and all kinds of criminality and the snitch code. it lays the foundations. at one point she is surrounded by the sun and moon and planets all small and the sun kisses her. At that point I knew even as a child of maybe 10 or 11 that she was a witch. it was argued she was a good witch. but really, how good is one who screws with kids heads, teaches them to disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes, and essentially gaslights them? there is no such thing as a good witch. the methods and source of energy and violation of God ordained boundaries are the same, whatever the goal.

the modern violence and criminality and occultism of dangerous sorts of teens and some adults now, may not seem to have any relevance to all this. But the groundwork for it among those not raised in criminal families is built in part by this kind of literature and movies, that each decade gets more and more extreme, as the jaded senses need more and more stimulation whether special effects or slasher stuff or pornography.

everyone doesn't got down the conveyorbelt. many don't maybe most don't, but they can't be unaffected entirely. but the development of violence in society is increased by a culture of violence and dishonesty and unchastity (just as bad in men as women according to the Bible St. Paul attacks male unchastity at least twice and it was an excommunication issue in the early centuries church canons) which is built on models presented in the media and in life. a lot of money goes into arguing there is no effect of media on life. if that were true, there would be no advertising industry, and no political propaganda and no concerns about racial and women's images in media.                

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