Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tarpley's going nuts

One of my favorites is Webster G. Tarpley. unmatched for European history, trails
to the present but he starts getting weak as he goes east, and is apparently seduced
by the legend of Islamic civilization. While he doesn't say this stuff, his behavior
would indicate this.

Well, he's been going ballistic over Trump and now Brexit. the former is a matter I
have no opinion on, but Tarpley seems to be as megalomaniac as he claims Trump
is. And demands Trump's psychiatric records because supposedly you can't be
diagnoses OCD and whatever Trump claims without a doctor. Bullshit. with half a
brain and information online you can self diagnose. Tarpley uses the royal we a lot,
in such context it can only be himself not some movement. The so called
"interventions" are a few people with a sign.

Brexit is evaluated by some as a game of the elites to play some Hegelian game.
Others think it was a disaster for them and the beginning of the end of the EU.
Frankly, elites would anticipate and have a plan B. I was glad to see Brexit win.
Webster of course is on the anti Brexit bandwagon.

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