Friday, May 8, 2015

Another pathetic effort to separate the Second Coming from The Rapture, refuted.

at this site are 10 arguments for the pre trib rapture,
essentially for separating the rapture from the second
coming of Jesus Christ, when in fact these occur at
the same time. (Try reading Revelation straight
through and all of 2 Thess chapter 2 straight through
without Bible commentaries and prophecy experts to
guide you, let Scripture speak for itself.)

The effort to separate them into vastly different times,
is like trying to separate the elements of "she came back
from shopping" as if arrival in the driveway, getting out
of the car, taking groceries in the house and locking the
car were all done hours days or weeks apart from each

#1: The Rapture is the ‘blessed hope’ while the Second Coming is a Day to be greatly feared
#2: In the Rapture, Jesus comes for his Church, at His Second Coming He brings the Church with Him.
#3: In the Rapture, the Church is taken to Heaven, at the Second Coming Jesus sets up earthly rule.
#4: The Rapture happens before the Antichrist and the Tribulation, while the Second Coming happens after both.
#5: In the Rapture, only the born again Church sees the Lord come for them, at the Second Coming the whole world witnesses it.
#6: In the Rapture, no angels are sent to gather the Church. At the Second Coming, angels do all the gathering for judgment.
#7: The Judgment Seat of Christ follows the Rapture while the Judgment of Nations follows the Second Coming.
#8: Famine, war and pestilence follow the Rapture while 1,000 years of world peace follows the Second Coming.
#9: No one in the bible knew of the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church until it was revealed by the Lord to Paul.
#10: At the Rapture, believers are given a glorified body, at the Second Coming they remain in earthly bodies as they enter the Millennial Kingdom.

1. Day of The Lord is to be feared by God’s enemies not his friends.
2. Church that comes w. Jesus is those who died before Second Coming.
3. Church taken up to IMMEDIATE LOWEST HEAVEN, i.e., the clouds in the sky w. Jesus, to wait there w. Him there until wrath is over, then He
continues His descent to earth’s surface with us.
4. Rapture not till Jesus comes back to destroy antichrist, we are not
appointed to the wrath of God but will have tribulation from the devil.
5. ALL SEE JESUS, but only believers rise to join Him (which may go
unnoticed by the terrorized others)thief in the night is the surprise
factor re the unbelievers.
6. So what? both elements believers and unbelievers are separated at second coming also this can refer to the Last Judgement.
8. 1,000 years of peace is after the judgements on the world at the Second Coming, then there is a revolt later which is put down then the Last Judgement.
9. So what? the REsurrection of Jesus wasn’t spelled out in the OT either.
10. The glorified body is PHYSICAL but immortal and indestructible, and this is what the believers have, resurrected and coming back with Jesus or pulled up to Him and transformed, at the Second Coming, and enter the Kingdom with.

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