Sunday, June 22, 2014

For those who think the pope is the antichrist and/or that Roman Catholicism is the whore babylon the great of revelation

"Again, the ten-horned beast is the Papacy; the second
beast, the false prophet, is the Papal clergy; Babylon is
Papal Rome. And yet when we turn to the vision of the
judgment of Babylon, we find that it is by the agency
of the beast that her doom is accomplished! "And the
ten horns which thou sawest, and the beast, these shall
hate the whore (Babylon), and shall make her desolate,
give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of
God shall be fulfilled." "These have one mind, and
shall give their power and strength unto the beast."

The governments of Christendom, therefore, are to
lend their power to the Roman Pontiff and priesthood
in order to the destruction of Papal Rome! Can
absurdity be more transparent and complete?"

The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson


  1. Those who think this way do not write about the Orthodox only because they think them negligible. If they give the Orthodox any thought, they consider them part of Catholicism.

  2. yes, we are not on the radar for most people. Some Serb thought the NATO bombing was a war on Holy Orthodoxy, I told him straight across nobody knows or cares about Orthodoxy to most people if you are Orthodox that is just a detail like you are RC or Anglican or some protestant denomination, it is BEHAVIOR they are looking at.

  3. that said, some of the criticisms against RC apply to Orthodox (icons, Eucharist, hierarchy, formal liturgy, etc.) and some RC answers to these are useful.

    Orthodoxy from the outside looks like a hybrid between protestantism and RC not because it is, since it isn't, but because protestants rejected many things about RC we also reject (and the mariology and veneration we have for Mary is not like the Mariolatry of the RC except in some individuals).

    There was an anti Orthodox page that had all kinds of crazy stuff, the thing that stuck in my mind most was the claim that the skull under Jesus on the altar crucifix is satanic, because satanists and suchlike use skulls.

    I had to explain this is Adam's skull, and shows that Jesus covered Adam's sin and ours and the uncleanness we inherited from Adam or words to that effect.