Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Latest world developments, Russia, and Daniel 7 Four Beasts

This definitely fits the scenario of Daniel 7 four beasts
being USA-Britain-NATO falling (but becoming
repentant) with Russia and most likely China being the
two axes of a duopolar world power situation.

Whether this is going to be a hard landing (war and
occupation) or a soft landing is anyone's guess, and
since not revealed could be yet determined by God
in response to prayer.

Recap: Daniel saw four beasts, the first was a lion
(Septuagint says lionness, actually a more dangerous
animal) with the wings of an eagle. The lion is
associated with Britain and the eagle with the US,
the latter being the leader in development of air and
space technology. The animal's wings are plucked
(Strong's Concordance makes it plain that this word
and its root word have to do with plucking or making
smooth, bald, in other words pulling or cutting off),
and it is made to stand upright like a man, and given
the heart of a man. One interpreter argues that the
wings raise the creature since it couldn't be lifted up
otherwise, ignoring that this is a VISION.

The message looks like it is saying, that this ferocious
animal will become more humanlike, and its heart
will become human not beastial, in other words, loss
of power as monster, gain in spiritual quality being
more like made in the image and likeness of God.

In other words, repentance will come.

The next beast is obviously Russia, a bear with three
ribs in its mouth and raised up on one side, an odd
term, both legs on one side up, or crouched with a
paw up to strike? and the RIBS are talking to it,
saying "arise, and eat much flesh" so it sounds like
the encouragement to empire will come from elements
it has absorbed, willing elements viewing it as a
liberator perhaps.

The next animal is a leopard, to be found throughout
China, Asia, Africa and a leopard analog, the Jaguar,
in South and Central America. It has four heads and
four wings "of a fowl." China has chickens, ducks and
geese but is mostly known for chickens and ducks.
Four heads might be four loci of power, satellite nations
or something, or else four stages of importance in its
entire history. Or four rulers under which this will happen.

China is not a player in the Middle East yet, and Russia
is only beginning to be a player there. But China backs
Russia and Iran, being a major buyer of Iranian oil. The
possibility exists. China is developing positions with Brazil,
Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and some other places, also
several places in Africa, and is positioning itself as a major
player in military and space flight. (it has stealth and I
think hypersonic capability.)

To figure in prophecy, a nation has to be a major player
in the Middle Eastern scene. Britain though it tried to
sabotage Israel's development was the main player in
establishing zionism, and America has backed Israel all
along. Britain was a major player in the Middle East all
this century and America via the oil companies who
effectively own some of the US govt. so to speak.

Russia's involvement with Syria and possibly less obvious
things elsewhere shows it is moving into position like
this in the near future.

China could become a major player. Of course, this
prophecy might reflect a resurgent Iranian empire, because
the lion is also associated with them, but China makes

The fourth beast is unlike anything Daniel can describe,
not a chimera like the first and third, nothing like anything
he had ever seen. This has ten horns, and will crush the
others, but is not the antichrist itself, but the antichrist will
come out of it.

The ten horns make it relevant to the beast in Revelation
that the harlot rides on. This one is described in chimeric
terms, so by the time of Revelation it had been decided in
Heaven what details would be relevant to show.

This thing had the feet of a bear, the body of a leopard,
and the mouth of a lion, so the fourth beast of Daniel
will apparently arise with characteristics, technology, etc.
relatable to the first three. Possibly it will arise out of
Africa, Nigeria has a major city built on seven hills.

The mouth of a lion might point to this being English
speaking, or using democracy or some British royal
bloodline or a mix of these as its excuse, or not.

ALIEN INVASION: This is probably not in Prophecy,
except maybe some small thing everybody fails to notice.
Logically, the aliens would not want the Middle East,
because they have no use for oil, and the people are a
mess of uncoordinated and unpredictable crazies and
farmers. The target of such an invasion would more
likely be the more organized, and technologically
developed North America and Europe. Some rumor
has the aliens involved with China, so perhaps an
overt coalition might fit the third beast.

The technology of today may have been jumpstarted
by alien technology according to rumors. Contra this,
is the fact a lot was jumpstarted by Nazi technology,
but they in turn possibly got it from aliens in the first

Likely the aliens did this on purpose, to help us build
up to where we would provide a good infrastructure
for them to control. Like getting Martians to terraform
their own planet ahead of time for us.

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