Thursday, April 11, 2013

don't let the New Age and related stuff get you down.

a lot of people have a bad habit of buying bad philosophy if some history or archaeology or technology connected to it turns out to be real. THAT has to be countered.

Just because a lot of science has its origins in alchemy doesn't mean you have to go pursue alchemy, and just because there may indeed be a human aura and energy system does NOT make you a god. 

If there is some paraphysical substratum to the whole creation, that does not make it the Creator. 

This is the distinction that has to be made in dealing with New Agers (used to be called metaphysical philosophy or something like that).

If one can bilocate out of one's body that does not prove reincarnation only that something exists that is more than physical about us, duh, like The Bible says.

If some aliens turn out to be physical that doesn't mean they aren't themselves deceived by false teachings especially since
a. if they originated as pre Flood mad scientist projects of genetic reengineering of humans for extreme environments off world, then they reflect pre Flood culture which was evil, and b. if the ancient east Indians got offworld then they reflect that kind of philosophy which is back of the New Age anyway. And c. if the "nordics" and "pleiadeans" are just Nazis third generation, well, you can expect the usual metaphysical nonsense.

d. if there is a breakaway civilization like Richard Dolan speculates (on good grounds) about, it is part of this military industrial nazi and illuminated elitism stuff so also evil. 

It has been observed that the only religion aliens go out of their way to contradict is Christianity. They may or may not be all demons, or some demons, or physical with or without demon partners. But they know that something in Christianity, when the Christian is serious not nominal, is bad for their boundary violation mental games whether done by demons or demon empowered telepaths or trained telepaths.

Nothing you find out there should shake your faith, but somehow, whether it is evolution or wierd physics or alternative history for some people this rewrites everything.

And, should it turn out that a day with The Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, and that therefore it is a thousand years to go before The Second Coming when things start to get tectonically and extreme weather and asteroid impact active, well, no reason to sweat that either.

Just don't expect to get raptured out of the way. We are not appointed to the wrath of God, but that has nothing to do with whether we will face the unrighteous wrath of the devil or not. That has happened lots of times in the past and in some parts of the world is going on now. The whole pretrib rapture deception is based on precisely this confusion.

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