Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and Nephilim bloodlines

There is an interpretation of Genesis going around, which
supposes that the sons of God (angels) who mated with
human women, were trying to corrupt the human bloodline
with hybridization, so that the Messiah could not be born.

Trouble with this, nowhere, not even in Enoch, which these
people draw heavily on, is there any hint of such a motive.
Only lust is described as a motive, and NOTHING ELSE.

Along with this is the idea that Noah alone was of pure human
blood, because only he was perfect in his generations. Big
problem, two big problems. First, ONLY NOAH was found
perfect in his generations in God's sight. That means his sons
and his wife and his daughters in law were NOT perfect, but
saved along with him for his sake and to repopulate the Earth.

That means, that if this hybridization interpretation is correct,
that Noah alone was without nephilim DNA, it also means
HAVE NEPHILIM BLOOD, so we all got it.

And Jesus died and rose again for ALL creation, Romans 8:19-22
Colossians 1:13-20 Rev. 5:13

And Jesus said, "whosoever comes unto Me I will in no wise cast out"
John 6:36 that would include animals, hybrids, whatever.

Gen. 7:11 only Noah had God "seen righteous before Me in
this generation."

Second, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible 

shows that this bloodline interpretation is wrong. Generations
(and generation) H1775, an age, period of time, a generation
posterity. The word for perfect is used for other things like
"a perfect lot" in I Sam. 14:41 and in Gen.17:1 Abraham was
told to be perfect. Obviously if he had to be told to be perfect,
the possibility existed that he would not be perfect unless he
obeyed this order, so it was NOT about some DNA hardwiring.

Steve Quayle and probably others, cite John 8:42-44 to support
that a nephilim seedline exists even now, and these are the
verses that antisemites of the Two Seed Heresy kind of thinking,
use to support the idea that Jews are literally descended from
the devil.

But wait, John 8:37 precedes this, "I know that ye are
Abraham's seed."

Biblical self contradiction? Not at all. over literalness ignores
idiomatic useage in the Middle East, which is even to be found
somewhat in earlier Euro American talk of past centuries, to
use the concept of parentage to refer to behavior and values,
that someone is like one's famous ancestor or being unlike
betrays him.

ABRAHAM, but raises the issue of SPIRITUAL identity, that
they are by behavior and attitude of more affinity to the devil
than to Abraham, thus being unfaithful to the legacy of Abraham
their blood ancestor.

There are also errors of overspiritualization in interpretation, but
that is another matter, you can see these in the charismatic and
new apostles and so forth stuff all the time.


  1. A couple of years ago I read a book that deals with this topic -- you can see my review here: Angels and demons and egregores (book review) | Khanya. It was a study of the reactions of Christians and Jews to the first part of the Book of Enoch, but I don't recall any of them having the response that you mention.

  2. This is a peculiarly American phenomenon, so far. However, Jude would support the view of the sons of God as angels not sons of Seth. The same term is used in Job when satan visits heaven and argues with God about Job, and "the sons of God"
    were there.

    The overall picture is to relate all this to aliens and UFOs and yes there is demonic component to alien abduction and so forth, but Jesus' Name can be invoked against a human psychic attacker as well as against a demon, so this stopping alien abductions is not a guarantee that all these are demons.

    The hybrids shown to repeat abductees, are pathetic not gigantic and imposing, the whole situation is totally unlike the Genesis story, and the view given by many of these nephilim theorists is that such hybrids have no souls or are not saveable, etc. which is nonsense. Frankly, aside from the fact some small group is talking about hunting and killing such, there is the risk that this would interfere in evangelizing aliens and hybrids should they turn up.

  3. I think that the Jewish idea that they were human was possibly a reaction against Christians seeing them as fallen angels. Except that later, Christians, influenced by Jewish ideas, came to see them as human again, and then the Jews rediscovered merit in the angel theory.

    1. since the fallen angel idea was present in Enoch, a book of Jewish provenance but not finally accepted in either canon, I don't think that's the answer. The main opposition to the fallen angel idea is the idea of angels as "bodiless powers," but that something could get physical for some purposes might be indicated by some stories of angels doing physical things, like freeing St. Peter from the prison.

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  5. sounds a bit nuts like some movies, but on the other hand, being nuts doesn't automatically rule out exposure to demons now does it? nuttiness can enable such exposure or be a side effect.

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  8. what do he mean by clone? a clone is an identical twin made by DNA manipulation. one cannot have the memories of something that happened to a clone (which is probably not being accomplished yet anyway), but perhaps he is talking about a kind of splitting of self image so he seems to be double. There is some basis to these stories of pervert orgies, but the Vril Society, for instance, was something from maybe 100 years ago that disappeared into some other societies that gave rise to Nazism.

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  10. well, what could be done in a few more decades and what is possible now are two different things. And you don't need all that stuff to do dream walking - but you need to be trying to do it on purpose and not asleep. the dream you walk in is the other person's dream, who is asleep.

    This was done to me once, I dreamed I was outdoors watering plants, and a man came up to me in the back yard and asked if I wanted to sell the place, and I referred him to the offices of the trust that I rented the place from.

    Well, sure enough, the same guy turns up a few weeks later, a real estate appraiser sent by the trust, and gives an estimate way lower than it later sold for. Another person living in the same block around the corner with some connection to "the group" a loose unorganized cooperation of occultists and satanists I had pissed off but that is another story, had earlier made such an inquiry.

    This kind of story the guy is giving sounds like the sort of thing that can be disinformation, essentially the truth as per actions, but presented with such goofyness that it tends to discredit the whole subject.

    Of course, if he is nutty enough and susceptible to telepathic senders' stuff, he can believe his crap.

    Give it another 20 years or more maybe this could be done.

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  12. well, dig if you want to. If I were going to dig into this, I would look for names named and match these to more sane sounding reports elsewhere.

    A good start is the Dutroux Affair.
    from my links to the right.

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  17. I didn't mean to insult you, please do not leave. I am just very cautious about this stuff. you must realize most people incl. professionals would write the writer off as nuts, though being actually exposed to serious trauma can result in being nuts, plus having both accurate and confused memories.

    Like I said, this subject of the classy elites involved in perversion and abuse is real, and this also overlaps to SRA, and both have their apologists who argue the former can't exist because these people are too civilized and the latter can't because the people accused are too respectable and the activities incl. stuff many find unbelieveable though rarely physically impossible.

    McMartin preschool DID have tunnels, an excavation found them filled in later. Too late for use in court, and there was physical evidence of sexual abuse with many of the children witnesses.

    coverups in intelligence work have always included disinformation that includes a lot or mostly truth, packaged with either some lies that put you on a wrong track, or elements so outlandish the whole thing is dismissed.

  18. One thing about the royal family of Jimmy Saville. Big pedophile scandal about this guy, and high placed friends.
    Like I said there is some truth in the McDonald story, but look at David Icke and his shapeshifting reptillians. This again makes the serious issue of high class pedophilia and cults look ridiculous, which is either his purpose, or the purpose of who turned him onto this, or of whoever programmed the person who turned him onto this.

    How DOES one dig into the McDonald story? do you know this guy personally? get the names, compare them to those that turn up in the Jimmy Saville and Dutroux Scandals, see if any of them overlap to wierdo physics etc. research, and you have something.

    But this is the first time clones get into the act, I think it is more likely this guy experienced personality splitting and dissasociation feelings involving his own body to the point he thought there were two of him.

    Also there is no reason some telepathic link couldn't be made without the technology. Synthetic telepathy has been being worked on for decades, but cloning like described is too difficult. Getting it to maturity in a few months? unlikely. It would probaby not even be physically coordinated or mentally functional if raced to physical maturity in a vat while its normal maturing process of brain and nerves did not go on, which involves interaction with the environment, not being in heavy sedation all the time it is growing.

  19. another suggestion - if you can contact this person directly, get McDonald on a voice stress evaluator machine, or record the conversation as high quality as possible and run it through one. you can tell him, if he is interviewed in person with it, that the purpose is to dig out stuff buried in his subconscious memory, which it will to some extent.

    what will happen is, it will show where he is knowingly lying, and also where there is conflict (probably less distinctively than when knowingly lying) between what he consciously thinks and subconsciously knows.

    then go from there.

  20. sorry for misremembering the name Donald Marshall as McDonald. I have not been getting enough sleep.

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  23. I located the original article and more stuff in it, that bit about the Jews saying their God Yahweh likes screaming - no Jew would ever use the Name Yahweh, and they even write God as G-d
    thinking this is necessary to keep the prohibition on using The Holy Name (a notion that developed sometime during the Herodian Temple times I guess).

    This guy if I am not mistaken was introduced to the world by David Icke which makes him suspicious. But not necessarily. Seems he is or was desperate enough to be willing to deal with "Steve Christ" who thinks he is Jesus Christ reincarnated, a nonstarter, Jesus said to beware of many who will come pretending to be Christ and He said He will come back from the sky real obvious to everybody, believer and non believer.

    It is dangerous to let onesself get too desperate. At first in the blog chat he challenged "Steve Christ" as not being Christ but seemed to let that be set aside as if the rest was more important which it isn't, because you end up (if you get really sold out looking for help) drifting away from eternal life.

    That bit about people disguised as aliens, yes, some abductees have seen humans in uniform with aliens, and one woman suddenly saw the aliens gone and regular humans in their place, upset that some brain function altering gizmo wasn't working, then they got the illusion going again.

    But there are real aliens as well, just look at the Star Child Skull info, for starters, and I think their worst, and human worst, have been partying together so to speak.

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  29. The "fallen angels" hate God. They don't want salvation. They are fallen angels and pose as aliens. That will be the big deception. They want something humans have that they don't. They hate us, kill us, make us sick, control all aspects of our lives, cannibalize us and have a very unhealthy obsession with all of us. Earth needs to get rid of these evil entities.