Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Was Justice Done Regarding Bin Laden?

already, there are complaints, that Bin Laden did not get justice,
because he got no trial. This ignores the fact, that trials are a tool
of justice, not the same AS justice.

Trials sometimes result in injustices being done, when the guilty
are freed, or the punishment is too light (often the fault of
legislatures and Supreme Court justices), or when the innocent
are convicted.

In Bin Laden's case, it was common knowledge and his own
admission what he had done, if not in 9-11 where he said he didn't
do it, didn't know who did it, but congratulated them, then in the
case of many, many more who died in definite Al Qaeda events.

Not only on his orders, but the orders of those in the network who
might operate without his direct oversight, but according to the
standards he set, and with the help of the inspiration, training,
pep talks, and funding and arming he provided.

So, yes, justice was done, and he was so guilty and up front about
it, that a trial would be a redundancy.

It would also be risky, because he might have walked. the standard
of proof is high, and a lot of the information is third hand, i.e.,
hearsay. (Hearsay is the basis for most history and other things
taken as established fact in court matters.) the point about hearsay
rules is that you want to be sure you can check your facts.

Now, he would have been tried for 9-11, not for the many other
lesser but lethal incidents elsewhere. Not for the aid and support
to getting them done, and conspiracies he was part of or agreed
to, ergo being effectively part of them.

So in all liklihood he would have walked. Or gotten some light
sentence for something else.

So if tried, justice would NOT have been done.

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