Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well, folks, maybe there is a planet X after all.

Planet X aka Nibiru is mostly the product of the wild imagination
of Zechariah Sitchin. this site shows what is seriously
wrong with him.

And the idea that Planet X must be out there, perturbing the Oort
Cloud is not a necessary, because there are other explanations.

But.....according to the article accessable by clicking on the 
title of this post, when Clyde Tombaugh went looking for an 
extra planet, it was perturbations of the orbits of Neptune 
and Uranus that had his attention.

And Pluto's mass was not enough to explain these perturbations,
so he kept looking, but found nothing, because he was looking 
in the northern section.

But if something is hiding out in the southern section, visible 
only to a few observatories way south, incl. the new one at 
Antarctica (odd place to put a telescope), then that would fit.

This thing is probably NOT some humongous thing like the
size of Saturn, and doesn't need to get real near to Earth 
during an oblique swing by through the solar system, to 
be upsetting. 

In addition to the disruptions by affecting the sun, which would
then disrupt everything else, All these stressors could cause
a crustal displacement and axis tilt of the Earth. Volcanic winter
and various catastrophes. California coast is toast, ditto the 
East coast and Gulf coast, permanently. Appalachian foothill
towns and California eastern side towns become fishing 
villages, and maybe some smart people will adopt the live
on a flotilla of small boats 24/7 style of some people in Hong
Kong or wherever that is. Wisconsin gone, and the 
Mississippi River becomes 50 miles wide. That's just us, I 
have no idea what will happen to other countries, but any
elevation to 100 feet will probably end up permanently
under water, and if not permanently at least subject to serious
tsunami action (think 1,000 foot wave at least in some 

There is some oblique reasons to believe that the Third
Secret of Fatima has some relevance to all this.

But what is far more likely, is that this thing stays out there 
and what the real problem is, is the asteroids it can kick in
this direction. Apparently the elites and Continuity of 
Government crowd in the USA, and equivalents in Russia 
and elsewhere, have been acting for a long time like they
expect something is coming. The window seems to be
AD 2012-2014.

Right now, and for some time before, preparedness and
survivalist suppliers of survival food complain of FEMA
buying up such huge supplies, that they can't get the 
stuff they need to sell to their customers. Hmmmm. some
of that behavior could just be an effort to replace what 
was given away already because of Katrina, and maybe
some foreign aid. 

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  1. hi Christine, this is tony in vt., you may have seen me comment elsewhere,like over at cumbeys blogspot. i would love to speak w/ you, call me please if your ok w/ the idea and if you have the time, some day or night. my cell phone # is 802-380-1648. i wish to talk about planet X, etc....bye, tony tarr. my e-mail is Blessings to you on your research and all else as we move thru these strange times