Friday, February 19, 2010

Another view on Krakatoa sunsets

Now HERE is something really interesting. Also 
reassuring in a weird sort of way.

Charles Hoy Fort used to hang out reading 
newspapers, history source materials, etc. And 
he wrote four books, and I am rereading them.

Maybe you all have heard how Krakatoa was 
credited with causing seven or more years of 
wildly red sunsets and bluish discolored moons. 
That was a volcano that blew up Aug. 28, 1893.

Some scientist named Nordenskield, before 
this happened, had written on cosmic dust, 
and Prof. Cleveland Abbe argued against 
Krakatoa being the explanation for the red 
sunsets afterwards.

Going against the standard explanation, and 
favoring Nordenskield and Abbe, are these two 
facts. The atmospheric phenomena explained 
by Krakatoa were observed in Trinidad BEFORE 
1893, Fort cites Annual Register 1883-105; and 
they were seen in Natal, South Africa, 6 months 
BEFORE Krakatoa erupted, 
Fort cites Knowledge 5-418.
"The Complete Books of Charles Fort" pp. 16-18,
"The Book of the Damned" ("damned" being 
ignored facts, consigned to oblivion by the 
scientific establishment).

Further, the red sunsets didn't last for seven 
straight years, but there was a lapse for a 

Seems like cosmic dust arrived in a cloud a 
few times,  and Krakatoa was coincidental.

That also means that when the big cloud of 
cosmic dust supposedly headed our way hits, 
it will be taken in stride by the Earth like the
last batch.


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