Thursday, September 23, 2021

This can save your life, treat covid 19 at home

This can save your life, treat covid 19 at home 

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  1. I think u should completely ignore quack Dr Lee Merritt. She’s a well travelled Covid grift doctor from no where Iowa. She may be an ok orthopedist and cosmetologist if u need Botox or a tattoo removed but she’s out of her league when it comes to Covid.

    Right off the bat she lies about ivermectin being used extensively and adopted by the government in Japan.

    Here’s the fact check.

    “ Japan has not approved ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment, and it's still using Moderna vaccine”

    That’s not to say everything is crazy. Having certain equipment available to home treat Covid effectively at the outset isn’t a terrible idea as their seems to be a Covid fog that overcomes motivation and energy to coherently combat the virus once infected.

    I certainly think every unvaccinated person should prepare a ICU buyout bag for when they catch Covid and have to go to the hospital. Easier to do that now before I come down with pneumonia and/or infect your entire family.

    Finally Christine, I’d encourage you to speak to your own doctor in real life versus the dozen or so online murderous doctors seeking fame and fortune selling disinformation and alternative therapies & overpriced vitamins.