Saturday, September 22, 2012

Praise Jesus, maybe Tarpley will get a new political movement going

go to Sept.. 22, 2012

Tarpley will not accept members of either party, only people
who leave them, and so forth.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Argument Against Recreational Marijuana Yet.

Gary McKinnon hacked into US Navy files from
his home in England. Efforts to extradict him have
been going on for some time, I pray they will fail.

McKinnon was loaded on pot when he did this,
which is probably why he did $700,000 worth of
damage and posted a remark. But more importantly,
from the perspective of UFO and secret space
program investigators, he admitted that being on
pot was while he failed to copy some stuff he really
should have.

Seems he ran across a few references to "off world
officers" and other stuff that confirms suspicions
that the US and probably others have a secret space
presence, and a lot more advanced type technology
involved than admitted by them, or even suspected
by most of the public.

Its a shame he was so addled he didn't download
all this stuff and post it online. Oh, well.