Thursday, February 3, 2022

Excerpt from RFK Jr.'s book on Anthony Fauci

 (Some have criticized RFK Jr.'s work because he is involved in some New Age group, but that has o bearing on whether the facts he digs up are true or not.)

Lancetgate (from Chapter 1, The Real Anthony Fauci, by RFK, Jr.)

It remains an enduring mystery just which powerful figure(s) caused the world's two most prestigious scientific journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), to publish overtly fraudulent studies from a nonexistent database owned by a previously unknown company. Anthony Fauci and the vaccine cartel celebrated The Lancet and NEJM papers on May 22, 2020 as the final nail in hydroxychloroquine's coffin.

Both studies in these respected publications relied on data from the Surgisphere Corporation, an obscure Illinois-based "medical education" company that claimed to somehow control an extraordinary global database boasting access to medical information from 96,000 patients in more than 600 hospitals. Founded in 2008, this sketchy enterprise had eleven employees, including a middling science fiction writer and a porn star/events hostess. Surgisphere claimed to have analyzed data from six continents and hundreds of hospitals that had treated patients with HCQ or CQ in real time. Someone persuaded The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine to publish two Surgisphere studies in separate articles on May 1 and 22. Like the other Gates-supported studies, The Lancet article portrayed HCQ as ineffective and dangerous. The Lancet study said that the Surgisphere data proved that HCQ increased cardiac mortality in COVID-19 patients. Based on this study, the FDA withdrew its EUA recommendation on June 15, 2020, the WHO and UK suspended their hydroxychloroquine clinical trials on May 25. Each returned briefly, then stopped for good in June declaring HCQ unhelpful. Three European nations immediately banned use of HCQ, and others followed within weeks.

That would normally have been the end of it, if not for the 200 independent scientists who quickly exposed The Lancet and NEJM studies as shockingly clumsy con jobs. The Surgisphere datasets that formed the foundation of the studies were so ridiculously erroneous that they could only have been a rank invention. To cite only one of many discrepancies, the number of reported deaths among patients taking hydroxychloroquine in one Australian hospital exceeded the total number of deaths for the entire country. An international brouhaha quickly revealed that the Surgisphere dataset did not exist, and soon enough, Surgisphere itself vanished from the Internet. The University of Utah terminated the faculty appointment of one of the article's authors, Amit Patel. Surgisphere's founder, Sapan S. Desai, disappeared from his job at a Chicago hospital.

Even the New York Times reported that "More than 100 scientists and clinicians have questioned the authenticity" of the database, as well as the study's integrity. Despite the barrage of astonished criticism, The Lancet held firm for two weeks before relenting to the remonstrances. Finally, three of the four Lancet coauthors requested the paper be retracted. Both The Lancet and NEJM finally withdrew their studies in shame. Somebody at the very pinnacle of the medical cartel had twisted arms, kicked groins, stoved in kneecaps to force these periodicals to abandon their policies, shred their ethics and spend down their centuries of hard-won credibility in a desperate bid to torpedo HCQ. To date, neither the authors nor the journals have explained who induced them to coauthor and publish the most momentous fraud in the history of scientific publishing.

It is no longer controversial to acknowledge that drug makers rigorously control medical publishing and that The Lancet, NEJM, and JAMA are utterly corrupted instruments of Pharma. The Lancet editor, Richard Horton, confirms, "Journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry." Dr. Marcia Angell, who served as NEJM editor for 20 years, says journals are "primarily a marketing machine." Pharma, she says, has co-opted "every institution that might stand in its way."

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


The stuffis a slow kill system with eugenicists and Georgia Guide Stone backers back of it.

Experts being censored warn it will target the spike proteins in your body causing miscarriages, death in a few years by brain and heart and other damage from its spike proteins it has the body produce microscopically clogging capillaries till serious blood clots form

you might be able to beat this by using n-acetylcystine, and glutathione. and dandelion leaf.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Aliens - they are not coming to save us, but to enslave or kill us.

Rosin having a new age angle on her makes me figure she lied about von Braun's warning, though he might have lied to protect nazis in space from competition. and the Nazis might have had some help a little bit from a saucer crash in the 1930s in some forest.

the coverup - its not the mean old government doing it on their own. the aliens ordered it, they could go public any time they wanted to.

I don't have space to defend the following. Briefly, genesis 6 is about putative not literal children of fallen angels, since angels don't reproduce, they taught humans to fine tune the genetic enginering they were already working on there were giants in the earth in those days (before the angels came) AND AFTER when the sons of God etc. etc. the society was violent so supersoldiers would have been valued. space faring likely also. Those who were on MArs were hit with a lesser disaster perhaps God saw them as more sinned against than sinning and those who fled at least believing His warning, though not willing to make major changes.

Standard population increase from Noah to now charts ignore dieoff, real problem is time from Flood to Abraham to get enough people for those civilizations, people coming back from Mars would solve the problem. most were regular or pass for pure human, some GMO human also. Ubaid has figurines of reptillian looking humansw incl. a female with boobs nursing an infant. pseudo reptiles like scaly armadillo and pangolin mammals. Mantid aliens have four appendages not six, so the insectoids are basically human plus mantid DNA.

And they want their old homeland back. Several ways to do this, some involving world government, some rewilding to live where we leave, some just mass murder. Some hybridization breeding those with lesser telepathic power than they have but still able to influence everyone in a few blocks, pass as human control populations that way. Derrel Sims, Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University, Budd Hopkins are researchers in alien abduction. NEVER trust channeled or suchlike info, only what abductees have overheard or observed the aliens don't want us to know.

There IS a demonic component, there is a physical component. One greyskin told a human "there is a devil and we are more afraid ofhim thanyou are." on different occasions, two greys, a reptoid and a nordic told humans their people originally came from earth. This supports my bible based theory.

So aliens claim they designed us? propaganda, have everyone know we designed them that would be a great arguing point against their lies. This fits them into a six day creationist framework where all intelligent life begins on earth.

As for corrupting the gene line so the Messiah couldn't be born, no pure humans, NEVER is that even hinted at biblical or extrabiblical writing on this. Always the issue the motive was lust. always. And we are 98% same as chimp (100+ k genes make us human) they fudge the numbers probably 80% some viruses are always shifting genes from one species to another most get rejected. ALL creation is to be restored, so it wouldn't matter what was in Jesus' ancestry. I smell a holdover eugenics racial hygiene notion as origin to some of this talk. And nephilim doesn't mean fallen but giant a vowel difference andseptuagint chose giant as did most translations. That could be a mere 8 feet tall compared to 5.1.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

don't take the vaccine its got jellyfish dna in it what are they up to?

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