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Friday, March 18, 2016


not long ago, I documented such a problem of disappearing posts at by
another New Age researcher whose focus is new age as closet Nazism. Now I've been hit. this
MIGHT have gone into a spam file, can't imagine why. but here it is.

how the illuminati took over the vatican this book was hard to find being pulled from publication soon after it was published. Rivera mentioned briefly in foreword not by Compton. THIRD ATTEMPT TO POST, SECOND ONE LASTED LONGER.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It's a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters (big capitalism uses socialism to get power and more wealth.)

Second post in about 24 hours I did not post for 7 days before the last one. Count the am to pm cycle. without anyone yelling, posting slowed someone noted. one post and total hysteria breaks loose. 12 posts to my one. My warnings on occult or fringe sites against accepting spirit influence are treated as evidence against me when any sane (or not pushing an occult agenda themselves) person would see it as evidence supporting me. At the very least they are the sort who denounce spiritual warfare and consider it unhealthy to even think about such things. Such people are tools of satan.

Constance, how can you tolerate those people? its not about me, when I'm not posting they hound the RC. they drag them into interminable arguments. even when presented with Scripture they don't
shut up. they seem to want to ruin your blog. And they have never kept themselves to one Christine bashing post a day, if someone posted already that doesn't stop three or four more appearing.
Constance, please ban anonymous posting. Rarely do they post anything worthwhile. If I was banned they would keep dragging your blog down into their rants and mutual back scratching about jesuits and RC and harlot church. (I could make a good case that IF the harlot is a church then she is the Reformation and the splintering protestant churches are her harlot daughters, she is called the mother of harlots, remember? I only suspect this I don't buy it.) The only time they attack real new age or globalism is when it intersects with RC, or might be an immediate problem personally.

one of them said he/she had thrown your books in a dumpster years ago, and favors Tupper Saussey (saucy tupperware?) whose focus is Jesuit only and totally misses the whole theosophical and bailey and ferguson etc. material you found which is ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE.

So what is such a person doing here?

one can construct a fake ID and post anyway and that be banned if one acts up.

Many times I wanted to delete and rewrite to add to posts but after being accused of posting and deleting something "vile" I didn't dare. I tried again recently and was falsely accused of posting a psychic services ad.

And tellingly, their greatest anger is directed at my turning a few new age favored stuff AGAINST THE NEW AGE. Why? they didn't challenge the pagan postings. Why? proof:

And I DO have a life, I read and type fast, and I get a lot done some days while I
am between computer activity.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

chakra dangers

glancing around the internet and youtube, a lot of new agers are beginning
to realize there are problems with raising kundalini and leaving chakras
open after opening them in meditation. someone figured out you shouldn't
leave them open and apparently most don't tell you this. Hah! most
intend they stay open and the derangement resulting is supposed to get

clearly they exist and should not be meddled with. being open and
accepting and all that means anything can walk through or into you and
you are also more malleable by normal psychological means. not a good

kundalini is either a demon, a demon taking advantage of the abnormal
redirection of body energy flow, or the result of putting your normal
energy cycle into reverse.

the problem is, all this "wisdom" from the east comes from people who
do not consider the physical creation is good. this is the root driver of all
Gnosticism, rejection of the physical. The result can be extreme asceticism,
or it can be immorality and perversion if they figure what the body does is
of no relevance to the soul. Always the body soul extreme separateness
sometimes blamed on Christianity, is a feature of Gnosticism. and gnostic
baggage got into Christianity subtly with philosophers.

people like this cannot have a healthy concept of how the energy system
should work. While early phases of some working on it can correct some
illnesses maybe, the overall goal is a labor intensive form of suicide: to
go into parasamadhi and never come out.

beware the new age and far eastern wisdom! it is foolishness!

A long time ago I figured out that what is considered illumination in the far
east, is recognized as onset schizophrenia in western psychology. However,
thanks to abnormal mentality being glossed over and acceptable as a
metaphysical or philosophical or religious thing, this is being compromised.
notions that would once have gotten you classified as mentally ill, and
absent a religious context still could, are bandied about as acceptable thanks
to new age infiltration of medicine and politics and sociology and whatever.

facing islam blog

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

occultism, globalism and charismatic "Christianity" as manifestation of the New AGe.
many articles by Carl Teichbrib most of which you'd have to pay for elsewhere. bohemian grove attendee list  lots of research connecting some attendees to policy and economic issues.  parallels between the charismatic and new age movements  Frank Sandford back of Parham and Swedenborg back of his pedigree = contaminated flow
as usual the rest of the articles at the various sites I don't automatically endorse in some cases disagree with or haven't read.

charismatics, in my opinion, should be classified with the new age.

Charismaticism roots are in heretics and links to Swedenborg one of the two root sources James Webb's books show back of the most dangerous developments in illuminated politics,I think the other is Martinism but I'm not sure.
My own experience with one charismatic (and experiences of others with such) tells me the whole thing is demonic except where God barges in and does something now and then usually resulting in someone coming out of it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

google chrome intefering with conservative and anti new age sites?

This is cut from Constance Cumbey's comments section, a spectacular series of attempted posts
by Dorothy Margraf another new age researcher kept disappearing. finally at present both are
visible but may disappear.

very odd.

Part 1
I'm Dorothy Margraf. A few of you may remember who I am. I posted here in the past, but stopped quite a while back, though I continue to follow what is posted here because occasionally something appears that is important to my focus on New Age. The New Age movement is huge and if others find it more profitable to focus on another aspect than I do, I can only hope their efforts bear fruit. I've continued my 34 years of research on the New Age movement and previous years of research on related topics which I share on Facebook.

The purpose of this note is not to bring you up to date on what I'm doing. Since we've gone in different directions, there is no reason for anyone to care what I've been doing.

Habits are hard to break and I checked on this site daily using Chrome and Several weeks ago I started getting the "Page Not Found" message every time I went to that link. I wondered whether I had been blocked or whether the blog had gone down. There was no way to find out. A thought came and I put "Constance Cumbey" in a search to learn if the blog had gone down. I learned the blog could be accessed using the link, and that is what appears on the page where was in the past when I get to the main page. 

  I will now attempt to post part #2 of attempt #9 to get the information out.

I know someone who posts here and asked how she accessed the site. She told me, the link which no longer worked for me. There had to be a way she could use the link I always used, so I decided to try Firefox and Internet Explorer. Interestingly both link addresses work on Firefox and Internet Explorer, though not through Chrome.

In the past I didn't follow up on "Page Not Found" messages, assuming the pages had been taken down. Two more experiences with other "Page Not Found" messages which would have reached conservative sites started me questioning what was happening, so I posted the warning on many different pages on Facebook only to learn that this has happened to others. Two people suggested I had been infected with malware and to start from scratch with Chrome. However, the specific nature of the problem suggested more was going on.

I'm posting the information here to let you know that people trying to reach this site may not be getting through. If this has been helpful, I've been happy to help.

Dorothy Margraf
The time is now 11:36 pm

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

before "paul" can follow dan bryan's lead and delete....


  1. Oh how sorely missed you must feel at Constance's blog. Not to worry!
  2. Christine,

    Sorry for having been tough at points but we're all exacerbated with you over at Constance's. Do the Christian thing for us and yourself but most of all for Constance's sake, and don't come back.

    Thanks, Paul.
  3. Yawn!You're the one causing worthwhile bloggers such as Rich in Medford to leave with your constant strawmen, ad hominems, et al! Give us all a break and do the decent thing: don't come back so we can all breathe freely again!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. I don't do strawmen I hit at the core of issues. I don't do ad hominem, I notice patterns of behavior.
  6. You're kidding yourself! Rich picked you up on exactly those points: you are busted! Chakras, aliens, res seers, etc.... Noone takes you seriously. Do yourself a favor and seek help. Don't come back!
  7. most of the time I don't post about those things unless there is a very good reason to do so. but I have a fan in the northeast who talks to me on the phone sometimes, he said that the people on Constance's blog some of them are nasty and that they hate me because I am way over their heads. I am hesitant to accept that explanation. And Rich didn't pick me up on anything. I think he turned a general statement (that I should perhaps have specified as general) into a personal one.
    And you people bitch about what you just mentioned no matter what I post or how long its been.

    And that idiot whether it was you or another asking last year or so if I was ready to repent for preaching Hinduism - you don't know shit about Hinduism. you could study the Vedic form polytheist, or the upanishadic which vendanta comes from and never hear about energy bodies or chakras. that is from tantra, which is a kind of technology of how to royaly screw yourself paranormally up.

    latest post of his however is interesting. It tends to support my suspicion that this refugee thing is part of a long plan to restore the Nazis to power since their street version is the only thing that can stop these jihadis, and the ones already secretly in power can consolidate it. The move to more strongly unify Europe is a step in that direction.

    The EU origin is Nazi post war planning. First, how they intended to run things once they won, and once they lost how to gain control.
  8. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you for real?
  9. yes I'm for real. But I am not sure if you are referring to one or more or all of my remarks.

    If it is about the EU and Nazis, you have only to wait and see. and while you are waiting, study the background on the EU, and the Bilderbergers, and some of the research links on the sidebar here.
  10. I think I'll pass... I wouldn't be shocked if Sherry Schreiner takes top spot for you. The less mumbo jumbo mumbling bumbling bamboozle from you the better!
  11. Sherry Shriner has issues. And I came to my conclusions without her help. Like most in the conspiracy and aliens and whatnot field she has only part of the picture and usually the wrong part plays a big role. I can't remember much about her didn't read her stuff that much, except there were at least two glaring problems.
  12. One glaring problem is your misspelling of 'weird'. The word is obviously a little too close to home for you, Ms. Beam-her-up Scotty'!

      someone complained weird was the wrong spelling so I used the wi spelling.
  13. Hope this helps, do take good care now!
    1. that shallow site is the best you can come up with? I'm used to reading Psychology Today 20 years ago and the DSM and the more readable kinds of clinician articles.