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Christian Feminism

Paul writes in context of an abusive society and law and 
putting the already dominant man in the role of Christ to 
the church reverses the patriarchal concept of roles of 
the sexes, instead of the woman being the support, the 
nurterer, the long suffering supportive one (and 
expendable), now the man is the support (not necessarily 
financially all the time) the nurterer, the long suffering 
supportive one (but not expendable). 

"to have and to hold" is not about love or relationship, 
it is a term you will find in a real estate deed transfer 
contract it is ABOUT PROPERTY. ownership. The 
man in those old vows accepts the woman as now 
his sole property given to him by her father who now 
no longer owns her. This is not a feminist rant THIS 
WORDS MEAN. google the phrase and add real 
estate or property law.

Everything you are used to, 

#that a woman could even be considered as a 
possible custodial parent in the case of divorce, 

# that she could keep money such as wages or 
property she acquired during the marriage or even
brought into it, 

# that she could vote, 

# hold office,

# be in professions like medicine or law, 

# address a public meeting a mixed sex group meeting, 

# or even be issued a patent by the Patent Office, 
something denied to one woman on an invention 
because she was a woman, but then issued to her 
husband she got to front for her,

# and countless things like wife beating being illegal 
and forced arranged marriages being illegal, allowing 
anesthesia in childbirth and allowing barrier 
contraception (once denounced even when a 
woman's health was at risk, the favorite pessary or 
support for uterine prolapsis was also a barrier 
contraceptive in effect so escaped the prohibition),

 #education for women beyond elementary school, 

you even find a basis for in Scripture, YET THESE 
THE BIBLE since man is head all this other stuff 
were argued as the only proper way.

misunderstanding "one flesh" resulted in such 
statements in American law 1800s as that the two 
become one person, and that person is the husband.
person is not flesh. and the one flesh remains clearly 
distinct beings. A better understanding in earlier 
British law, resulted in forbidding a man to marry the 
sister of a woman he had had sex with, because that 
sex act, in making him one flesh with her, made him
effectively the brother of her sister, so marrying her 
sister would be de facto incest.

reducing marriage to a set of roles undercuts love 
and relationship, it is said "marriage is the death of 
love," and ignoring the one flesh issue makes 
seduction and abandonment easier since 
supposedly a couple is not bound if not legally 
bound. The faithless lover is applauded not 

This twisting of the Scripture IGNORES VARIATION 
FROM THE IDEAL, e.g., the contrast between Paul's
standard for elders and bishops and the reality of his 
appointing young Timothy bishop of Ephesus is 

Of course you never address the issue, that Priscilla 
is addressed BEFORE her husband Aquila, named 
BEFORE him as appropriate to a head of 
household, as often as vice versa by Paul and 
there is mentioned "the church in THEIR house." 

Again, we are told by Paul that we the church are 
to grow up into our Head, Who is Jesus Christ, 
become more like Him, closer to Him, etc., but of 
course there is a limit to this since He is also 
God. Man is the source in a sense of woman - 
which also makes him her model. think amazon 
or tomboy. IF the church should grow into its 
head Jesus Christ, then woman should grow into 
her head, man, and since man is not God this 
means equality with man. Christians whether 
male or female have one model, Jesus Christ 
Who is male. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

an old of mine from Constance Cumbey's blog, which pretty much sums it up.

I think your real problem is you don't like anti Republican

FACT: they are not what they pretend to be. They are materialist new Age to the core Reagan and wife were semi occultists, promoted make believe haze and enchantment in his style and speaking.

FACT: The Bible is as against the 1% as against some of Occupy stuff.

FACT: There is no rapture except to greet The Lord at His return AFTER the tribulation. Rapture doctrine UNHEARD OF BEFORE 1800s and helped by proto New Age organizations

FACT: I have had some extremely odd experiences, and learned that certain things like the sign of the Cross made with faith and precision and intent and Holy Water work against them. Some of the wierdest involved physical effects which prove (a) energy feed vampirism is real when I was the target, and (b) New Age info on the "energy body" is DEAD WRONG (energy system is part of the soul, which term in Hebrew covers both immortal and interface between body and soul and body and spirit as continuum as well as a distinct element in that continuum, and validated by Ecclesiastes 12, but again the New Age info is as wrong on that as it is on "consciousness")

FACT: once you begin looking at the sort of things Cumbey uncovers, if you keep looking you will find stuff invalidating BOTH parties and a lot of American as well as unAmerican values as well.

FACT: all govt. intervention is not harmful, without govt. involvement intrepreneurs would not have gotten anywhere as much done.

FACT: America has been fascination with the occult back to early times. Earlier The Enlightenment was a major attack on Christinaity, ditto masonry occult conspiracy against Christianity before Besant

FACT: Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is infected from the start especially because of unbiblical emphasis on "tongues" mishandling Scripture, and "waiting for The Spirit," a mediumistic sort of misapplication of Scripture about a one time only event in the past. God may have used some of these people to get your attention on Jesus, but you need to get away from all this.

GOOGLE KUNDALINI AND CHARISMATIC TOGETHER, Then ask yourself why these people are so whole hog hypnotized by the Republithugs. The Dummycrooks are no better.
9:30 AM
Blogger Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
FACT: both parties are financed by pretty much the same people. public stance on morals/religion mean nothing as long as the people who own them get their way.

FACT: the first or maybe second political party we had, was the anti masonic party. We need another one only a bit more fine tuned, and aiming at the more complex New Age of both materialist and spiritual forms. All the "third parties" now are jokes or bad in their own right.

when all branches of govt are staffed by people with loyalties that transcend their offices, and they all collaborate, you NO LONGER HAVE CHECKS AND BALANCES.

FACT: The Bible read cover to cover in a short period of time so you don't get a piecemeal effect, 4 months maximum, will show you no one form of government or economic theory that God unreservedly endorses, other than the monarchic rule of His Son when He comes back.

FACT: as shown by Cumbey and Herescope, there is an appalling similarity between the eschatology of the New Age and the eschatology and ecclesiology of the charismatic new apostles, etc. etc. teachers, which should tell you something right there.

St. Paul speaks of being puffed up and made emptier, and entering into visions which you have not seen.

FACT: There is a VERY uncomfortable similarity between the USA and Babylon the Great.

FACT: St. Peter in one of his epistles says we should live in sobriety as well as godliness in expectation of Christ. "sober and godly" doesn't incl. running around in a blissed out state, that you think is the Holy Spirit, but leaves you open to all sorts of influences and ideas without discernment, inhibits you from testing spirits or ideas, and hardly differs from drugs or New Age consciousness warping exercizes effects, and ends up with talking with spirits that are never tested, accepting blindly whatever nonsense is presented in dreams visions or statements from departed relatives about having the resurrection body in heaven, which is a lie because that is a PHYSICAL body we get later when brought to life again by Jesus Christ at His Second Coming, or transformed into that condition if still alive when He comes back, praying by concentrating on the person prayed for instead of on God, not to mention other false prophecies and then making excuses.

It doesn't matter a ministry denounces occultism of obvious sort, if they promote styles of prayer and worship that cause trances states and wild behavior

Sure some of these people may be able to cast out demons, but that is about the power of Jesus Name, not their own holiness, note Jesus' warnings about some such at the Last Judgement in Matthew 25 I think it is "did we not cast our demons and do miracles in Your Name?" they ask and He answers "depart from Me, I have not known you workers of iniquity."

And maybe the reason they have to do so much exorcism, is because they and their followers and the people who come to them from similar contexts are doing something that attracts demons in the first place.

FACT: some of the manifestations such as at IHOP and others, involve symptoms and sequences that parallel the awakening of the so called kundalini energy in tantric hinduism and New Age borrows from it. That cannot be a good sign.
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Friday, February 13, 2015

This is the modern science that supports my thesis A Possible History of Life on Mars

the claim that "moving a human nucleus into an empty animal egg"
would result in something 99.95 human has to be wrong, because
the mitochondrial DNA in the egg, outside the nucleus, is as much
if not more as the nuclear DNA and we don't know exactly what it

I think that this happened before The Flood and the results, some
of them, were offworld when The Flood hit, and the aliens we see
now are their descendants.

yet another conspiracy flowchart

These used to be all the rage in the 1960's through the 1980's
slacking off a bit in the 1990's and 2000's. While this is a parody
aiming at discrediting everything, it is not without merit, and
while some issues it discusses
a. are as idiotic as it makes out (big pharma and food cures)
b. do not fit as and either/or but usually are part of the same scenario
(Roswell and Alien Autopsy)

there is a lot to be said for some of the conspiracies. The House
Committee on Assassinations came to the OFFICIAL conclusion
that yes, JFK was killed pursuant to a conspiracy, but they couldn't
figure out which one, and sent the matter to the DOJ, which at the
time was run by people who were part of the mindset and connections
of the conspirators or some of them, so naturally nothing was done.

Another flaw in this determination, was that they did not apparently
consider the possibility that all the conspiracies were involved in
the assassination, that it came about as a result of a perfect storm
of converging interests in seeing Kennedy dead.

Not unlike my theory on the conflicting conspiracy theories about
the Black Dahlia.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

your chakras, target of New Age deception

18 New Age Lies is an important read, and lie no. 18 is that you need to open your chakras so
"Spirit" can enter. This is NOT the Holy Spirit, Who is YHWH the Third Person of YHWH The Holy
Trinity, this is some creature who is a deceiver and evil. The Holy Spirit needs no chakra work to be
in you, only acceptance of Jesus Christ of The Bible as your Lord (and therefore your savior).
"No one should open any of his or her chakras at any time for any reason, All such openings allow
psychic entities to enter. This is why the puppet-masters behind the New Age Movement are so keen
to get people to open one of their chakras. This danger applies as much to the Third Eye and Crown
chakras as it does to any of the lower chakras. The Holy Spirit does not need a chakra to enter the
body. The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ does not need a chakra to sanctify and protect us.

"So who does need an open chakra? The answer should be obvious - Lucifer."

Before anyone argues that this name means light bearer, or that satan and lucifer are not the same
beings, remember that lucifer was once an unfallen angel, but having fallen in love with his own 
beauty and ascribed it to himself and not to YHWH God, the angel fell through pride, deciding 
to exalt his throne above that of God, but was cast down instead. The argument that this refers 
only to the king of Tyre, to who the prophecy was made, fails, because initially the statements
make sense as directed to a human king, but then change to things that can only refer to an immortal
spirit being. Apparently the king of Tyre was what Malachi Martin called "perfectly possessed."

Ha-satan means the adversary, the adversary of God and also of mankind, who he hates as God's
images on earth, and because God loves us. It is the same being as lucifer, and lucifer bears a
false mind scattering, deluding light. True light lets you see things better, false light clouds and
blurs and deceives. Some demons (many angels fell with the devil) are more out in the open, others
more seductive and deceiving and if one has overcome vices and mastered virtues they then take
you down by the sin of PRIDE.

Robert Pye the author continues, "the same cunning trick is also used by the New Age movement,
to damage one's aura, to create a tear or a fault line that the dark force [or false light force] can use
to gain access. This is often done under the guise of co-called spiritual healing, such as that 
practiced by Reiki."

What I particularly like about this article, is that it does not deny the existence of the energy body,
but warns that the New Age teachings on what is healthy or not for it are WRONG.

All the New Age at core is Hindu. This in turn is based on the assumption that the physical
universe is evil at worst, a delusion at best, and to be escaped as soon as possible. Fast track
Laya Yoga, which would permanently reverse the kundalini flow back up to the head, reversing
the process of creation and throwing you into parasamadhi, a trance you never come out of, is
just a labor intensive form of suicide. 

The Bible mentions the energy body, in Ecclesiastes, where it discusses the breakdown process
at death. "the wheel is broken" is interesting in this regartd, because "chakra" is Sanskrit for
"wheel." someone who could see stuff saw something that most resembled a wheel, whether
because of roundness with or without spokes is not clear, whether because of shape only 
or rotation is also not clear.

But it exists. And any system that looks to undo creation, is not going to have the right bias
to tell you how your energy body should be functioning.

A classic example is the constant statement, that a golden aura is a sign of great spiritual 
enlightenment, but that is the false light. lucifer is latin for Hebrew helal, the golden glitter
of a king's robe. Bingo! I thought when I read that - from a masonic apologist online at that -
this is the thing I was running into, always when checkable on people who were involved with
demons, and one of them I found out later was a rapist, with a nasty arrogant attitude.

Another was not nearly so bad, but he had gotten involved in some kind of traditional folk
witchcraft involving pacts, and used to witness for the devil in the interest of giving him equal
time or at least do so to me, because I was witnessing for Jesus. this fellow and I generally got
along well other than that, though I heard a man describe him as "he will turn on you in a second."

Roman Catholic iconography didn't help much. Orthodox is so obviously artificial and with
specific meaning, that it wouldn't be nearly the trap RC was, because RC realistic looking 
people with such "auras" look like you might expect to see this on a holy human. But everyone
I saw it on was unholy as hell. New Agers draw on these auras in art to excuse or support their
positions when luring Christians and westerners. 

An Orthodox elder or monk once wrote that people with experience in this stuff, reported 
that the devil often shows as or with light that is yellow or gold sometimes tinged with red.
What I noticed was the same thing, though in a cocaine soaked environment it was more like
a white cloud but always a mind scattering and blurring, blinding influence. 

True light lets you see clearly. (There is a kind of clarity that is demonic but that is another

The usual Christian anti New Age take is to deny the existence of the energy or etheric body
altogether, and this is a mistake. The real problem is what the New Age disciplines do to it.

proof of my statement about laya yoga and parasamadhi

Before you read the linked articles, you need some background

samadhi as most may know by now, who know anything about
hinduism, buddhism, and the New Age movement, is an extreme
trance, wherein one has supposedly joined with the impersonal
absolute source of all, aka brahman in hinduism, or entered the
edge of nirvana in buddhism.

parasamadhi is a less well known term, referring to the meditator
who goes into samadhi and never comes out.

the various systems of yoga and related activities deal sooner
or later with energy centers or "wheels" (chakras in sanskrit,
"galgal" wheel, whirl, whirlwind in Ecclesiastes 12:6) and
with manipulating and redirecting the flow between them.

There is some parallel between these and the sacral ganglia
on the spine. Various systems from India, Tibet and China
do not give the same count or location and while we hear of
seven the ones a system lists can be fewer or sometimes
more, and probably this is because the system focusses on
these, and treats them as the only relevant ones.

The term "minor chakras" has been applied to these "extra"
ones, and to acupuncture points.

Now, point number one, these things should not be meddled
with. Their exact function and purpose are unknown, except 
from research done by people, whose bias is anti material, 
gnostic, i.e., rejects the goodness of the physical creation 
which God declared "very good."

Therefore, the proposed interventions in them cannot be 
good for you. 

While some in the west speak of them in terms of when you
have a bad health situation of one sort, this chakra is acting
like this, and a good health situation then that chakra is acting
like that, the bias in the whole system is not in favor of your
health, except perhaps to keep you going long enough to get
"illuminated" or whatever they call it, instead of quitting the

Laya yoga is a fast track approach. This posits that the energy
flow in creation is top down, and that you need to get the
dormant pool of energy at the base of the spine activated and
rising. As it rises through each chakra it activates or alters it,
and as it leaves to go farther up what it leaves behind feels
numb. Ultimately it is to get into the crown chakra, in the top
of the head. (Some New Age systems position this outside
the body in the aura just above the head. The possibility of
this being a deceiving spirit and no part of you originally,
should be obvious.

Various weird manifestations, uncontrolled motions, even
strange vocalizations may occur. (shades of the behavior
observed in some charismatics, many observers have noticed
a correlation between kundalini's rise and the so-called "Holy
Spirit's" effects in the charismatics.)

Laya yoga proposes to accomplish this goal a lot faster and
lot more violently than the usual approach.

Since both systems involve essentially an undoing of the 
flow of creation it follows that laya yoga is a labor intensive
for of suicide. 

one goes into samadhi and never comes out.

What happens to the body when this happens? Apparently this

no he isn't.

yet another one

Some experts on Buddhism said the monk could be in 
“tukdam”, a kind of deep meditative state that crosses 
over between life and death. Dr Barry Kerzin, a monk 
and a physician to the Dalai Lama, told the website: 
“If the person is able to remain in this state for more 
than three weeks - which rarely happens - his body 
gradually shrinks, and in the end all that remains from 
the person is his hair, nails, and clothes.”

Obviously such a person is dead.

"In a similar case, the body of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, a lama in 
Russia’s Buryatia region, showed few signs of decay when it 
was exhumed in 2002. Monks say Itigilov is “not completely 
dead” and the temperature of his body rises during ceremonies 
at the monastery where it is kept near Ulan Ude. Itigilov died in 
1927 while meditating, having asked fellow monks to bury him 
in the lotus position after he passed away. His body was packed
in salt."

Of course his body temperature will rise during ceremonies,
all those candles and the body generated heat of the other
monks in one place is going to raise the temperature of 
anything in that room, but they are only going to check on 
the corpse.

well, if packed in salt that would kill him if he wasn't dead already. 

A person with paranormal sight, observed that some
"incorrupt" saints in Egypt had the same aura that a living
person has. This might indicate an ongoing connection
to the body by the soul, transmitting blessings from God
through that body to those who revere it, but there is no
question the body is dead. I say incorrupt in quotes, because
the issue in this is not that there is no indication of death
about the body, but that it is mummified, no rotting no wet
adipocere, etc. This can occur in a dry environment, but has
been observed in conditions that were dank and wet in a
few cases of saints.

Basically, we should leave the chakras and energy body
alone. If you can see them, then noticing how various states
of mind and body affect them is one thing, but trying to
do things to them is not a good idea.

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yet another pretribber who can't read

Barbara Aho on Watch Unto Prayer website, regarding the pretrib rapture,
quoted Irenaeus "And therefore, when in the end the Church shall be 
suddenly caught up from this, it is said, 'There shall be tribulation such 
as has not been since the beginning, neither shall be.' For this is the last 
contest of the righteous, in which, when they overcome they are crowned 
with incorruption..."


The ambiguous sounding prior sentence is clarified in the second sentence. 
of a disciple of the Apostle John. 


I keep hearing about "unity," it is a globalist New World Order line
of talk, and it is a New Age Movement line of talk. It figures in
the heretical and demonic deception false light infested charismatic
movement incl. especially the hyper charismatics, and it is all over
the evangelical movement.

"evangelical" used to mean, or so I thought from what I used to
read, a focus on Jesus Christ and the Gospel and Biblical Inerrancy,
and a sidelining of issues like predestination vs. free will that can
be "divisive." There being no immediate obvious solution to these,
it made sense. Pretribulation vs. posttribulation rapture, though more
easily resolved, also seemed a reasonable issue to ignore.

But "unity" and "brotherhood" setting aside all that can divide
(starting with truth in the sense of facts) is also a hallmark of
Freemasonry. And the evangelical movement started in Freemason's
Hall, London, in AD 1846. What's up with that? weren't there enough
other places to meet in? Called itself the Evangelical Alliance then,
and what was dying out was turned into the World Evangelical
Fellowship in AD 1952.

A History of the Evangelical Movement 1517-1948, Ruth Rouse and 
Stephen C. Neill, Philadelphia, The Westminister Press, 1967, p. 324.

A Report of the Proceedings of the Conference Held at Freemasons' 
Hall, London, 1846, London, Partridge and Oakey, 1847, p. 5.

A Study of the Evangelical Alliance in Great Britain, J. B. A Kessler, NetherlandsOosterbaan & LeCointre N.V.--Goes, 1968, p. 17.

This is the home of The Grand Lodge of England, mother of all the lodges.
Hmmmm. unity, eh? 

A love peace bliss vibe that seems "Christian" because "peaceful" may
have infected these people, plus the questionable dream of uniting all
Christians bypassing churches and confessions. Now, I converted to 
Eastern Orthodoxy out of generic protestantism. But as far as core doctrine
about Jesus Christ, we are (minus the filioque) the same. I won't defend
Orthodoxy here against protestantism. My point is that out of these 
beginnings, has come a movement that is more and more infected with
questionable or heretical trends judged by The Bible alone (the foundation
also of The Orthodox Church). And alarms are beginning to be sounded
by those in protestantism who are devoted to orthodoxy small o. While
these are often allergic to anything remotely resembling Roman 
Catholicism (daughter church of Orthodoxy), and are often on the 
predestination side of the debate and while preaching morality often accuse
anyone talking about good works as preaching "works salvation" where
you earn your salvation and add to the Blood of Jesus (this is a confusion
on their part, between the works of the Mosaic Law, circumcision, food
laws and sabbath keeping, which Paul wrote Galatians against, and the
good works Jesus and Paul enjoin us to do), they have a good point.

Increasingly even the Blood Atonement is challenged, something that
thanks to Met. Khrapovitsky late of ROCOR started in Orthodoxy, and
that Kalomiros continued with more warpings, ably answered from 
Scripture and The Fathers by Vladimir Moss in The Mystery of Redemption
and The New Soteriology. 

Apparently once you start talking "unity" nothing else matters. 

But there can be no real unity outside of Jesus Christ for Christians, and
"how can two walk together unless they be agreed?" Amos 3:3.

The evangelicals were upset about the plethora of divisive confessions
in South Africa. Well, here's the problem.


If a serious error, in belief or in practice, infects a church or a denomination,
or is present in its confession, isn't it better that it be contained that church
or denomination, than travelling easily among the lot of them?

problematic interpretation

the interpretation of satan, as being a kind of divine court prosecuting attorney,
looks sensible at first, but there is an inherent problem. It is that it would posit
him having some legitimate role. All he does in fact is try to persuade God
(and anyone observing) that someone is his legitimate prey, because they are
either out of step with God, or don't love God for His own sake. The latter
was the argument given regarding Job, satan getting permission to harm him.

Perhaps this is also an effort (doomed to failure) to persuade God away from
His mercy.

The problem people have with the Book of Job, is that they don't take the
devil seriously as a player in all this. The answer to this "problem" of figuring
this book out, is right in front of them at the beginning. But a materialistic
bias blinds the questioners.

Basically, the whole event made the devil out to be the fool he is. satan lost
that game. And Job ended up both spiritually and physically better than he
started. Spiritually, because now he had had a visit and answers from God,
and though some people are not happy with these answers, they do make
sense. They highlight that we cannot know everything. And that we are not
in any position to question God, except perhaps to seek if we have sin and
need to change, that something is a wakeup call.

Job had indeed been righteous. Did he have some sin in his heart, some
pride unaddressed? Perhaps, if so it was eradicated, and he ended up better
than he started.

God called a halt to the testing, which also drew out all those people with
wrong ideas who had been Job's "comforters." Most unhelpful, they gave
him little solace and no physical help as far as I recall being mentioned.
Did they give him oil for his sores, or more clothes? If so I don't recall it
being mentioned.

The core of their idea behind all their statements, is that God rewards
the good and punishes the evil - which is true - and does nothing else
- which is not true. They almost make Him out to be a machine, punch
in this stimulus, good deeds, you get this response. Punch in that
stimulus, bad deeds, you get a different response. the possibility of
demonic action being allowed for some reason other than punishment
and reward is not even thought of.

One of them even draws on a visitation in his sleep, or at night, and
the persuasive arguments given in that. Noteworthy is that this caused
his hair to stand on end, a shivery cold feeling most likely. This is
a typical evil spirit (though some can give a false warmth, usually more
like the warmth of rot when you analyze it) event.

The readers get two bit of information: God is up to more than just
rewarding good and punishing evil, though He does do that, but not
always on the timeline we want or the way we want to see happen. And
that you can't trust supernatural visitations or dreams, especially when
they include physical sensations like described.

Notice that God not only defeats the devil, making a fool of him, but
also uses the situation to correct the thinking of three other people
besides Job, and to display all this incl. the warning to beware of
messages from the spirit world, however sensible and biblical they
sound on the surface. So God tripped the devil up regarding the
games he plays with people.