Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and Nephilim bloodlines

There is an interpretation of Genesis going around, which
supposes that the sons of God (angels) who mated with
human women, were trying to corrupt the human bloodline
with hybridization, so that the Messiah could not be born.

Trouble with this, nowhere, not even in Enoch, which these
people draw heavily on, is there any hint of such a motive.
Only lust is described as a motive, and NOTHING ELSE.

Along with this is the idea that Noah alone was of pure human
blood, because only he was perfect in his generations. Big
problem, two big problems. First, ONLY NOAH was found
perfect in his generations in God's sight. That means his sons
and his wife and his daughters in law were NOT perfect, but
saved along with him for his sake and to repopulate the Earth.

That means, that if this hybridization interpretation is correct,
that Noah alone was without nephilim DNA, it also means
HAVE NEPHILIM BLOOD, so we all got it.

And Jesus died and rose again for ALL creation, Romans 8:19-22
Colossians 1:13-20 Rev. 5:13

And Jesus said, "whosoever comes unto Me I will in no wise cast out"
John 6:36 that would include animals, hybrids, whatever.

Gen. 7:11 only Noah had God "seen righteous before Me in
this generation."

Second, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible 

shows that this bloodline interpretation is wrong. Generations
(and generation) H1775, an age, period of time, a generation
posterity. The word for perfect is used for other things like
"a perfect lot" in I Sam. 14:41 and in Gen.17:1 Abraham was
told to be perfect. Obviously if he had to be told to be perfect,
the possibility existed that he would not be perfect unless he
obeyed this order, so it was NOT about some DNA hardwiring.

Steve Quayle and probably others, cite John 8:42-44 to support
that a nephilim seedline exists even now, and these are the
verses that antisemites of the Two Seed Heresy kind of thinking,
use to support the idea that Jews are literally descended from
the devil.

But wait, John 8:37 precedes this, "I know that ye are
Abraham's seed."

Biblical self contradiction? Not at all. over literalness ignores
idiomatic useage in the Middle East, which is even to be found
somewhat in earlier Euro American talk of past centuries, to
use the concept of parentage to refer to behavior and values,
that someone is like one's famous ancestor or being unlike
betrays him.

ABRAHAM, but raises the issue of SPIRITUAL identity, that
they are by behavior and attitude of more affinity to the devil
than to Abraham, thus being unfaithful to the legacy of Abraham
their blood ancestor.

There are also errors of overspiritualization in interpretation, but
that is another matter, you can see these in the charismatic and
new apostles and so forth stuff all the time.

self defense with Gerald Celente

those open hand blows are not slaps, that is heel of palm
heavy hit to ears and weak sections of the skull around
them. don't forget the head butt with your upper forehead.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

read sumerian texts for yourself links under video at youtube

click on the youtube logo at the lower left of the video screen,
to go to youtube site of the video, and below are the links to
the documents he talks about.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Brookings Institute and Iran

"We must look into the minds of those that shape US foreign policy and sweep aside the distracting rhetoric they feed us. US foreign policy is shaped by organizations like the Brookings Institute which consist of members of the largest corporations and banks on earth. These corporations are not only disinterested in security, but thrive on the war and conflict insecurity breeds. (See "War is a Racket" and Eisenhower's Warning.)

Iran not only possesses massive oil reserves and an economic, political, and militarily strategic location in relation to Russia and China, it also boasts a population of 76 million. This is a large population that if left sovereign and independent can viably compete against the West's degenerate casino economy, or if invaded and corrupted, can become 76 million more consumerist human cattle.

The sheer scale of the military options considered by Brookings' strategy would be a boom alone for the defense contractors that sponsor it, whether the operation was a success or not. "