Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nazi origins of EU and Shadow of the Swastika Nazi origins of the EU whatever the page or author's connections, this summarizes information I already have from other sources. The Hidden Roots of the European Union It has been observed that American presidents are not elected, they are selected, and they are selected by Bilderberg. Everyone who has become president since the mid to late 1970s visited and was approved by Bilderberg, more specifically by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, the biggest drug money launderer in the USA. Maybe anywhere. Not sure of that. Bilderberg was getting sick of Obama not getting us into WW 3 like they wanted for war profiteering motives and figuring the chaos could let them bring more of their idea of “order” out of it. But Obama won the second term anyway.

Nazis in the attic all kinds of dirt on everybody incl. USA leaders of business and politics before during and after WW 2 also called Shadow of the Swastika I have only read a couple of articles at this site it looks good. 1600 Nazi scientists, soldiers, war criminals adopted by USA.


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  2. Counter Punch has some Powerful articles!

  3. Guy Malone interview, amazing!